Sunday, March 29, 2015



I wonder if all the pro Clinton/anti D'inesh commenters are aware of the Alinsky acolyte Hitlery Clinton's own Wellesley senior thesis on Saul Alinsky entitled "There Is Only The Fight"?

Published here: http://www.economicpolicyjourn

Of particular salience, from "Chapter V Realizing Life After Birth", this quote:
"Alinsky and his model are continuing to evolve..."

Yes, that is precisely the role Clinton sees for herself - to pick up the Saul Alinsky/Barak Obama torch and lead America's middle class where Alinsky directed that it should go to:
"Most people have been and are fearful to pay this price for freedom, and so freedom has largely been freedom to avoid these responsibilities. The free man is one who would break loose from the terrestrial, chronological existence of security and status and take off into the adventure which is life with its passions, drama, risks, dangers, creative joys, and the ability to change with change." - Saul Alinsky
....and yet - YET - Clinton opines in Chapter V of Alinsky, the following:

"Alinsky’s proposals carry obvious spin-off effects. The need for workers could be filled from among the un- and under-employed in the cities. The model integrated communities constructed to house the workers would be self-governing. The projects, administered by bureaucrats and staffed by credentialed experts, would provide attractive recompense and job satisfaction to lure people away from the megalopoli."
She continues, "...about moving people out of the ghettoes [sic], have little chance of over being legislated. Although they would not be considered too radical in many more centralized welfare states, they are “revolutionary” within a mass production/consumption state, particularly the United States."
...leading to this observation on Alinsky:

"In spite of his being featured in the Sunday New York Times and living a comfortable, expenses-paid life, he considers himself a revolutionary."
Aye.....and there it is - the unescapable disjointedness of the upper crust, as Hillary Clinton herself enjoys the lap of luxury in her stations first as FLOTUS and then as Secretary of State where even her underling Jill Psaki, when pressed on the subject of Clinton's accomplishments while at the helm of State, could not find even a singular piece of actual work the elitist parasite Clinton did during her tenure.
It does not take a mental giant to find the obvious correlations that do exist between her observation of Alinsky and her own life with the substitution of herself for Alinsky. In her own words:

"In spite of [Hillary Clinton] a comfortable, expenses-paid life, (I) consider (myself) a revolutionary."

Clinton's last words of her 94 page thesis on Saul Alinsky were these words:
"In the first chapter it was pointed out that Alinsky is regarded by many as the proponent of a dangerous socio/political philosophy."

Just as the hypocrisy of her own words vis a vis Alinsky's own hypocrisy of living an all expenses-paid life in the lap of luxury while advocating that the vast middle class must break their [outmoded] bonds to the importance they place in their personal propertiy, so too can that blatant hypocrisy be applied to Mrs. Clinton.
And I have just effectively done that (and it was not difficult to do). Hillary Clinton is only the next communist who, when placed into the sanitizing light of objective analysis, can and must be "regarded by many as the proponent of a dangerous socio/political philosophy.".

That philosophy of course being that of Saul Alinsky himself, and in Clinton's own words "his model....[must]....continue to evolve."
She must not be allowed the opportunity to decide FOR us the most pressing of questions (which of course will NEVER be asked of her on the campaign trail):
".....evolve into what, precisely?"

Glitch Girl

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The campaign for the slaying of Islamic dragons, A flashback!

How coincidental that Obama and the other Neocon war mongers announce another campaign for the slaying of Islamic dragons when the Mid-Term election polls are indicating both parties are going to take a bloodbath at the hands of the voters this time around.

And to tie up all this terrorist attack hysteria in a neat package, he announces it all on the eve of the 9/11, the self inflicted, mass murder of thousands of Americans.

What great theater for the Neocon, Khazar Jews in Washington orchestrating it. Like the POS Rahm Emmanual (now mayor of Chicago) Said during Clinton's Communitarian regime, "Never let a good catastrophe go to waste." Referring to all the school shootings at the time they were pushing their gun control schemes. A couple of US journalist beheadings (maybe) by ISIS will serve their purpose in that regard nicely thank you very much.

The sleezeball Congress must sense their days in elected office are numbered, especially the 5, 10 and even 20 term incumbents unless they and Obama can put together enough mass hysteria, terrorist boogieman fear mongering to bludgeon the American people into a rally around the flag, knee jerk reaction and reelect the present bunch of traitorous scumbags.

After all what would happen to all the Sleazy Wall Street and Defense contractor's graft of billions from taxpayer coffers in Washington and payoffs in the form of campaign donations to the incumbents in Congress and the business as usual, organized crime figures in the Whitehouse, if these same scumbag lawmakers were not returned to office?.

Well they are your Congress rats as you people keep voting them back in because you're scared of the boogiemen they create to scare the old people and the women, even the ones that call themselves men.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Why Are We Not Surprised?


What is surprising is that very few people have made the connection between what our military and clandestine intelligence agencies sanctions and commits here and abroad under the color of law, and how our domestic law enforcement agencies use as standard operating procedures.
Torture, assassination, abductions, false imprisonment, extra judicial executions has had a terrible influence on our local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Extraordinary Rendition programs and the torture that goes on in place like Bagram in Afghanistan, Abu Graihb in Iraq and Guantanamo along with hundreds of other Black sites around the world has been going on with at least three Administration's approvals, and by virtue of what they call mission creep has even spread to our domestic law enforcement practices, with hefty funding from our Congress.

By virtue of its clandestine nature committed at aptly named black sites, the people at large and in the US especially
have been kept ignorant about these evil practices until only a few days ago.

But the other operatives of the government, law enforcement, the courts and the privatized prison system, must deal directly with the general public and cannot hide the brutality, murder, torture, false imprisonment and summary executions (much of it even committed by paid contractors), that our other government security operatives have hidden from public scrutiny by the highest level of authority up to and including the Oval Office for decades and only until recently have been exposed by a Senate investigation..

But make no mistake, these cops would, if given the opportunity, would dutifully operate death camps for pay at those clandestine government black sites, they would look at it no differently than the psychopaths that operated Stalin's extermination Gulags and Hitler's death camps. All one has to do is look at our local cop's behavior to know that to be true.

The cops that get all orgasmic about crashing through your door and killing you and your family members and your pets also are all cut from the same cloth. Only they cannot commit their crimes in secret as they can and do at black sites under the cover of "national security" and a compliant media cover up.

They must commit their criminal brutality and executions in public and after the recent expose on our government's sorry history of legalizing torture, murder, and other forms of thuggery, is it any wonder our cops, meant to protect us act in the same way as their masters in Washington expect of them?

But with a rigged justice and legal system and corruption that goes all the way up to the Oval office, what have they got to lose? Especially with cheerleaders and accomplices like Eric Holder heading up the Justice dept and now his female successor, a real piece of work, which I have no doubt will be confirmed by our newly elected Republican majority it will be business as usual.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Does anybody get it yet?

Nobody seems to get it yet but these two parties, Republicans and Democrats, take turns deciding which party is going to hold the presidency every four years. Just look at the last Obama reelection. Hardly any Democrats showed up to vote and he still won handily. Then again none of the Republicans showed to vote for the vanilla Mitt Romney either.

Of all the candidates that were at the debates the best one they could pick was Romney? No it was for the good of the financial (banksters) and global order war mongers to have Obama win another four year term. You know, why switch horses halfway across the river? Especially since both parties are cashing in like crazy from the bankers, money launderers, oh, those terms are interchangeable aren't they?

And look at our pal Boner and the rest of the Republican traitors'. They gave Obama just about everything he wanted in this last lame duck congress. Ten or twenty million new wetbacks with pre-printed green cards just like Obama wanted, that with the money from Congress, had them printed up months in advance of his executive order giving them amnesty, and the legal means to take more American jobs from us.

That Piece of Shit Boner didn't even try to stop Obama's illegal Executive Order although he got up at a press conference and did his usual " I am outraged at the chutzpah of the Obama administration while the both parties voted to give Obama all the billions $$$ he wanted to deliver those green cards that have been waiting for all those illegals to pick them up.

Now what we have is a backroom deal between Boner and Reid and the rest of the commie democrats to run the Hilary bitch and pick another losing Republican candidate, Jeb Bush, to scam the voters into actually believing Bush has got a chance of winning.
The two parties have been pulling this bullshit since the end of WWII when the Jews rigged the election of Truman because he promised to push and sign the legislation making Israel a sovereign state in 1948.

Old man Bush threw the election to Clinton after one term in 1992. The Republicans threw the election again by running Bob Dole for a second Clinton win. Then they (Dem's) ran the Al Gore meat head against GW Bush and had the Supreme Court settle the election because it was the Republican's turn, ditto for GWB's second term. I can't even remember who the waste product was the Dem's put up against GWBush.

The last two, it was the Dem's turn again to rig the election because we needed a black president oh so bad to show off our diversity bonafides.

But now they have all decided what this country needs to show our Progressive credentials is to have a female president, even one that's probably hung like a horse. LOL Enter Hilary, the neocon, Progressive, war mongering pacifist. Is that right?

There's my prediction for twenty sixteen and I haven't been wrong yet. I won a number of bets against the Mit Romney for president stupidity when people were actually telling me they believed Romney was going to win. I couldn't help but roll on the floor laughing.

So all you dyed in the wool democrat and republican party supporters go ahead and rally around your favorite party's candidate but remember this. There's not a GD thing you can do to make this next election come out any way but the way those party hacks want them to.

I'll write in any candidate that is an independent or Libertarian but I'll not help these corrupt parties rig anymore elections with my vote helping.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What we need is a good, 50 ct, Female President

The feminist movement was an elitist engineered i.e. (Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, Dupont and others in our royalty), again using any number of Progressive think tanks, and Feminist organizations, and enlisting women followers as their useful idiots. Their mission was to destroy the male headed, single family household thereby attaining "Equality" only obtainable feasting on the rotting carcass of the white American Male, whom BTW has become a human,endangered species. It has obviously worked famously given the state of American family, dysfunctional as it is and of course at least two generations of thoroughly screwed up kids that can't even seem to be able to correctly determine their gender identity.

They employed the same dizzy, manipulated female zealots to pass prohibition (Eighteenth Amendment) and give them the vote (19th Amendment) Even before Women's Suffrage became law, using the threat of voting all the men out of Congress when they got the vote if Congress did not pass the Volstead Act, Prohibition.

The 18th Amendment that was the cause of the greatest organized crime spree, murder and political corruption, more problems with alcohol abuse then there was even before making it illegal to drink alcohol. It was also the start of the key ingredients for a national depression that lasted all the way until the start of WWII.

One of the biggest mistakes men ever made was giving the females the power of the vote, to which they promptly abused with relish. Even today the crooked politicians that have been elected with their help have found that pandering to the women's vote pays off in dividends regarding their life long tenure as either Democrats or Republicans by manipulating the females into gun control movements like Handgun Control Inc from Sarah Brady and Mothers against Drunk driving that is responsible for endless Witch hunts that rival that of the War in Drugs.

Marx and Engels championed the destruction of male headed households, but all you good little Commie Progressives already know that, in the Communist Manifesto in 1848 saying that single family households dominated by men, were almost impossible to subjugate into to adopting their Communist agenda but not so with women as individuals and groups.

It is no coincidence that every despotic communist regime, the USSR and Mao's China being the largest in the past, had always put women in high party places (but not too high) along with the US now, in order for them to spout the orthodox communist party line being easily manipulated for the right price.

Just take a look at the Obama administration and (Clinton and Bush before him) and observe the large amount of female, ventriloquist dummies he has appointed and conspired with the Senate to confirm into positions of authority in his whitehouse and even the Supreme Court.

Ever listen to one of these unqualified, high level cabinet or incompetent department head broads when being grilled by a Senate or House Committee with even the most soft pedaled questions by the Congressional inquisitors regarding their monumental screw ups? The lapses in memory the invocations of 5th Amendment protects and the simple answers like one of the most famous of obfuscations to a committee, "It depends on what the meaning of Is IS", these broads must get all fuzzy inside while quoting from the Bill Clinton book of snowing a Congressional Committee.

Although I must admit, they learned much of their coverup and sand bagging from the male appointees that either preceded or are still there coaching them.

Yea what this country needs is a good, 50 cent, female president.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Germany wants what?


What a sack of self-serving Sheista. This list of Germans supposedly “concerned about war” includes none other than warmongers Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schröder. Conspicuous in his absence from the letter's signatories is Germany's most famous living writer and poet, Günter Grass, who at age seventeen was a private in the Waffen SS. Shortly before the 1990 German reunification, Grass wrote:

“...there can be no demand for a modern version of a unified nation that in the course of 75 years, though under several managements, filled the history books, ours and theirs, with suffering, rubble, defeat, millions of refugees, millions of dead, and the burden of crimes that can never be undone.”

In more recent years, Grass publicly condemned Merkel's government for providing nuclear submarines to Israel. And, as I've pointed out before on PP, Germany was arming Iran at the same time.

As for “peace-loving” Helmut Kohl, his first step IMMEDIATELY after German reunification (which was executed by himself, GHW Bush, James Baker, Robert Zoellick, and Günther Strassmer) was to instigate the Balkans war, effecting the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, bringing it (today) under tacit German control. The German public was actually opposed to Germany's machinations in the Balkans, but German leaders Kohl, Scharping, Schröder and Fischer, rather than following public opinion, shaped public opinion by concocting outrageous lies to justify war against Serbia, including (but not limited to) the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) concocting a non-existent Serbian “Operation Horseshoe,” vis a vis the “incubator babies” yarn. The leaders of “New Germany” put Goebbels to shame. This was documented in detail by a courageous German media film, "Es begann mit einer Lüge" (It Began With a Lie). Since that time, German forces are not only permanently in the Balkans, but now Afghanistan, Egypt and Libya. It's just one convenient "humanitarian catastrophy" after another. In fact, in 2003, on the basis of the increasing number of covert and overt German military operations in foreign countries, the Militärischer Abschirmdienst was 'officially' authorized to act abroad. I put the word 'officially' in quotes, given that at least one Militärischer Abschirmdienst member, Andreas Strassmeir, was active in Oklahoma in 1995.

The “New” (read: craftier) Germany has achieved, through economic manipulation, the domination of Europe that Hitler (and Hohenzollern) sought by force. Germany's slow wresting of economic control began, not coincidentally, with Truman's Korean War. Read about Germany and the “Korea Boom.” Crafty as they now are, however, it's nontheless been excruciatingly difficult for all of Germany's new generation of imperialists to keep their Köpfen großen from showing, i.e., to keep their foot out of their mouth. In May, 2011, German president Horst Koehler boasted:

"...military intervention is necessary to uphold our interests trade routes.... jobs and income."

With this one slip of the tongue, Koehler seriously damaged decades of propaganda finesse crafted to airbrush Germany's military resurgence. Angela Merkel's frantic, damage-control response was that Koehler's "choice of words had been unfortunate." Ja, unfortunately truthful. Within two days, Koeler was canned for this “unfortunate” slip of the tongue. Btw, it's no coincidence that Koehler was also head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which organization has done more toward population reduction than the Pentagon.

And “peace-loving” Gerhard Schröder publicly condemned Bush's Iraq War, while covertly providing Bush with intelligence and matériel support for that war. After these facts were leaked, in April 2006 the German Parliament authorized an investigation into Schröder and the BND's role in Bush's war. But...err...just as with US Congressional resolutions to...hrrmph...conduct an “investigation,”, it went nowhere.

The Die Zeit letter is, in reality, war propaganda dressed in warm & fuzzy anti-war clothes. For example, the following statements:

“The Ukraine conflict shows that the quest for power and domination has not been overcome.”

LOL, this is psychological projection. Germany here is talking about itself. It's not Russians that are currently killing Ukrainians, but highly-paid proxies of the German government and banks.

“...Putin’s annexation of Crimea in violation of international law.” A flat-out lie.

“War in Europe Again? Not in Our Names!”

Make no mistake. Germany wants war, but on its own terms.

The clear agenda of TPTB is to, in the public eye, mold the US into the new villain of the world, and Germany into the new, reasonable, “humanitarian” savior. Witness Obama's choice of the term “American exceptionalism,” an over-the-top, faux-hubris term coined precisely and deliberately to engender the wrath of the entire world, as are the bombings of weddings and the torture of prisoners, which all experts know is totally useless for extracting any valuable information. All of this torture and wedding bombings are in reality a MSM reality TV show to inculcate in the minds of all peoples how horrible America is. Just like the so-called “leaking” of the Abu Ghraib abuses, with such well-staged photos. That faux “leaking”was intentional, just part of the reality TV show.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

America is not a monarchy and Obama is not our King.

If the truth be known, it is the Congress, not the President that runs this nation. The President cannot write laws (Executive Orders are unenforceable and have no legal standing.)

The Congress however, can declare war, appropriate and pass (authorize) the president's and Executive branch's budget. Make all rules and regulations for the land and naval forces. Is in charge of all military facilities and ports. Has the power to coin money and raise or lower taxes. Writes and must approve the entire budget of the United States and can call into service the president as Commander in Chief in the process of a Declaration of War. The power of impeachment and removal from office the president, and even Supreme Court Justices... Has the power to conduct Tribunals only inferior to the Supreme Court.
Must approve all treaties and agreements (not the pres) by a two thirds majority as well as a shit load of other enumerated and delegated powers that the president can only dream about having. This all verifiable by simply reading Article I of the US Constitution.

You may ask, why is it that the last four or five presidents have pretty much done what they damn well please at tremendous cost to the country and the people of the United States when they (Presidents) have none or very little of the power of Congress?

Time for a little critical thinking boys and girls. The president is not the king nor is the US a monarchy, but I suspect there are millions of Americans that cannot tell the difference between the two. The president is the Head of State representing the US to other nations he does not run our nation. That is left to the Congress and the Courts.

The reason the US is going down for the third time is because the Congress of the United States has been derelict in its duties. It has been corrupted and has whored itself to Wall Street and even foreign nations like Israel, which makes every member complicit in treason, malfeasance and organized criminal activity. It (and the president) is guilty of theft, bribery, wars of aggression, torture and has violated every one of the first Ten Amendments to the US Constitution, The Bill of Rights which BTW they all swore on a Bible to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. With a further Executive branch specification that the "The president faithfully execute all laws"

There are your culprits; presidents aren't shit when compared to the Constitutional power of the Congress. These ball-less eunuchs in office now could stop Obama and his NeoCon, Bolshevik, commie henchmen dead in their tracks if they wanted to but they've whored themselves to the same power elite as all the other branches of government have. The only way to save our country is get rid of every incumbent in Congress and start a fresh slate of real representatives and Senators that will honor their oaths of office and bring an out of control Executive to heel and the country back on an even keel.
If Congress would have been doing its job, the Electoral College could have elected Bonzo the Chimp president and the country will have run smoothly and our liberties would have been secure, so powerful the Legislative Branch is in keeping a run amok Executive on a short leash.. Wait a minute, I think we really did elect Bonzo the Chimp but was let off his leash and his Legislative keepers that just could (and preferred) not catch him.

Now the republican leadership is crowing about filing a suit against the Obama Administration for violating the separation of powers between the Executive Branch and the Congress. House Speaker Boehner is whining that Obama has been derelict in his responsibilities as President by attempting to rule by decree and bypassing the Legislative branch. Where have these dunces been for the last thirty years or so?

These mugs have turned a Constitutional crisis into a turf war that could be dragged out for years in a feeble attempt to pander to real Republicans and conservatives to maintain the criminal incumbency of all his and the democrat corporate crony lawmakers. The Democrats are pleased as punch over this development as it helps them maintain their own crooked incumbents by claiming victim status i.e. if you don’t reelect all our career crooked lawmakers the Republicans will surely take over the Senate and increase their ranks In the House. That proved prophetic but what now?

Well, here we go again! We are being played once again by two criminal syndicates that call themselves the Republican and Democrat Parties. Can they get away with this scheme against the American people again?
Jim barber