Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reinventing the Medical Care Wheel

Reinventing the Medical Care Wheel

We already have a single payer medical plan. It's Called Medicare and it works, it's in place and very little would need to be done to streamline and modify it to cover the 40 million uninsured Americans that now have to rely on charity or other welfare medical coverage. It would not take much effort by the Congress to clean up any inefficiencies or corrupt practices Medicare has now.

But noooooooo! Obama's pals in the insurance industry are drooling for those 40 million uninsured that they can hose unmercifully along with the rest us to make those Wall Street Insurance companies richer than they are now. Talk about welfare for the rich.

These scum bag Wall Street boys are probably already spending those million dollar bonuses they'll be giving themselves when the mandates kick in 2014.

And don't think the Republicans are off the hook on this scam simply because they are going to stage a dog and pony show and then a phony vote on repeal of ObamaCare. It is documented that the Wall street insurance oligarchs gave the republican members of congress millions more in bribes than they gave to their democrat accomplices to shove this corporate welfare scam down our throats.

This whole issue could become moot when the Supreme Court rules the law (ObamaCare) is just plain unconstitutional. Congress just does not have the authority under the law to force Americans to purchase products goods or services from a Private corporation. The Commerce Clause will have finally run out of elasticity.

The old progressive rant about the states have the authority (you will notice I said "states") to force drivers to buy auto insurance is true, but not the federal government. The states are the sole authority for driving regulations and licensing, not the federal government. Besides, if you don't make the conscience decision to drive, you are not required to have insurance. Is this true with Obama Care? I think not. What could a person possibly decide to opt out of, life?

So there you are. All of you progressive commies looking for socialized medicine had better start recalibrating your wish lists.

What is really needed is a serious debate on putting the insurance industry, the pharmaceuticals and the for profit hospitals on a short, regulatory leash with heavy fines and penalties for slipping it.

And guess what, it's the states that have the lion's share of the regulatory power over the insurance and the other thieves there also, not the federal government.