Monday, July 2, 2012

Obamacare, welfare for the Insurance Industry

We have in these United States at present, a working single payer medical insurance system that is completely capable of giving quality medical (and Dental) care to everyone that needs it and can’t afford to be ripped off by our sacred cow, private health insurance mafia organized criminals. It is called MediCare and it is flush with cash that has ben extracted from each one of our paychecks for decades. In some instances, more money is withheld for MediCare than fed withholding taxes. Just remove the words from the law that states “Must be 65 years old” and voila, a single payer system that has already proven it works and can deliver the health care product at a fraction of the Obama care ripoff. Medicare fraud you say? That's brought to you by the same privatized, deregulated health care industry that will be ripping us off with Obama's blessings. Lock those crooks up pronto.

Obama and our friends in both the Republican and Democrat party want to make sure that Medicare is killed as it is the only real alternative to being raped by our deregulated and privatized Health care insurance mafia. That is why they are going to defund Medicare to the tune of a half trillion dollars, (now that doesn’t sound like a system that is broke to me) to pay off their pals in the healthcare and insurance industries by directing by mandate, 30 million new customers to them.

The same goes for Social Security as the stinking banker Jews at Goldman Sachs were promised the two or three trillion dollars in the SS Trust Fund when the lying stinking crooks in our Congress turn that over to them in order to privatized and deregulate that also.

Yes that is the way our organized crime government/corporate organized crime syndicates operate, deregulate and privatize.
That is why we have this gargantuan ripoff called ObamaCare. America, get your heads out of your asses!