Friday, January 2, 2015

Does anybody get it yet?

Nobody seems to get it yet but these two parties, Republicans and Democrats, take turns deciding which party is going to hold the presidency every four years. Just look at the last Obama reelection. Hardly any Democrats showed up to vote and he still won handily. Then again none of the Republicans showed to vote for the vanilla Mitt Romney either.

Of all the candidates that were at the debates the best one they could pick was Romney? No it was for the good of the financial (banksters) and global order war mongers to have Obama win another four year term. You know, why switch horses halfway across the river? Especially since both parties are cashing in like crazy from the bankers, money launderers, oh, those terms are interchangeable aren't they?

And look at our pal Boner and the rest of the Republican traitors'. They gave Obama just about everything he wanted in this last lame duck congress. Ten or twenty million new wetbacks with pre-printed green cards just like Obama wanted, that with the money from Congress, had them printed up months in advance of his executive order giving them amnesty, and the legal means to take more American jobs from us.

That Piece of Shit Boner didn't even try to stop Obama's illegal Executive Order although he got up at a press conference and did his usual " I am outraged at the chutzpah of the Obama administration while the both parties voted to give Obama all the billions $$$ he wanted to deliver those green cards that have been waiting for all those illegals to pick them up.

Now what we have is a backroom deal between Boner and Reid and the rest of the commie democrats to run the Hilary bitch and pick another losing Republican candidate, Jeb Bush, to scam the voters into actually believing Bush has got a chance of winning.
The two parties have been pulling this bullshit since the end of WWII when the Jews rigged the election of Truman because he promised to push and sign the legislation making Israel a sovereign state in 1948.

Old man Bush threw the election to Clinton after one term in 1992. The Republicans threw the election again by running Bob Dole for a second Clinton win. Then they (Dem's) ran the Al Gore meat head against GW Bush and had the Supreme Court settle the election because it was the Republican's turn, ditto for GWB's second term. I can't even remember who the waste product was the Dem's put up against GWBush.

The last two, it was the Dem's turn again to rig the election because we needed a black president oh so bad to show off our diversity bonafides.

But now they have all decided what this country needs to show our Progressive credentials is to have a female president, even one that's probably hung like a horse. LOL Enter Hilary, the neocon, Progressive, war mongering pacifist. Is that right?

There's my prediction for twenty sixteen and I haven't been wrong yet. I won a number of bets against the Mit Romney for president stupidity when people were actually telling me they believed Romney was going to win. I couldn't help but roll on the floor laughing.

So all you dyed in the wool democrat and republican party supporters go ahead and rally around your favorite party's candidate but remember this. There's not a GD thing you can do to make this next election come out any way but the way those party hacks want them to.

I'll write in any candidate that is an independent or Libertarian but I'll not help these corrupt parties rig anymore elections with my vote helping.