Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Worldview

The Russian people and the Russian leadership may have an advantage (psychologically speaking) in their worldview that we in America do not.

Russia has experienced a devastating surprise invasion by an army (an army that the US is staring to resemble most horribly) that killed millions of her citizens and destroyed their cities, villages and the countryside. The entire Russian country was almost destroyed by the invading all powerful, invincible Wermacht of the Third Reich.

It has also the experience of grabbing their boots and their weapons and kicking the living shit out of the invaders all the way back to where they came from at the cost of over three million Russians. Neither of which we have in our recent history. Oh we have much experience in killing each other off in civil wars etc. but not an invincible foreign invader landing on our shores.

This I believe gives the Russians a unique perspective and one hell of an advantage over Americans, if war were to break out with the US or any other foreign power that even looks like they are thinking about harming their (Russian) people or attack or invade their country. Only a fool or a government of psychopaths would, given Russia’s history, be stupid enough to pick a fight with a country that has that experience of invasion and slaughter of it’s people and then exacting a terrible revenge on the invaders for those crimes still fresh in their minds.

If the Nazis liked Stalingrad, the next country that attacks Russia is going to just love what will be in store for them. You can make book on that.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Don't Write Them Off

You are too quick to write off the patriot and militia movement so easily. The police and military are not real anxious to take on the patriot movement in general and the militia(s) in particular.

It’s one thing to kick in some poor, unaware civilian family’s front door while they’re sleeping or even some common criminals that are selling drugs. It’s quite another to go after a well armed group of patriot militia that can defend themselves and is waiting to repel and/or dispatch the thugs in black suits.

About fifteen years ago a militiaman was killed by an auxiliary cop at a traffic stop, near a rural town. The pig that committed this unprovoked murder did it unknowingly in front of three witnesses parked nearby. There would be no bullshit defense of the cop as in “he threatened me or pulled a gun on me” etc. etc.
Then the cops in an adjacent county poured gasoline on this fire further enraging the deceased militia brothers by wagering on which one of them would get to waste the next member of the militia that comes through their town.

And of course the investigation determined the killing of the militiaman was justified.The witnesses testimony was discountedand another travesty of justice was once again the norm.

Needless to say, so many anonymous death threats were aimed at the killer cop that he and his family had to be spirited away to some secret new location for their protection and never to return.

The fallen militia brother’s funeral was held in his rural home town a few days later with obituaries and funeral invitations throughout the state.. Attendance was in the hundreds with three or more state’s militia members traveling great distances to attend.

Unknown by the milita, the prospect of this well publicized militia funeral had the entire state’s law enforcement community in a frenzy. So much so that a state emergency was quietly called and it’s police forces were all put on a state of alert and called to duty.

Sounds scary right, wrong. These cops were all hunkered down in their respective cop stations and compounds all over the state and stayed there. There was not a cop on the roads anywhere I’m told, for at least a 50 mile radius of the fallen militiaman’s funeral. No cops showed up at the funeral home or anywher even to directing traffic, they just seemed to vanish.

I’m told that if the police, any police or other uniforms would have attempted to gain entry or cordon the streets surrounding the funeral home that trouble, real trouble would have ensued. These militia men were in ill humor to suffer the sight or the interference of the very killers that caused them to gather at this sad affair. At least they (cops) had the good sense not to instigate an all too certain gun battle if they would have attempted to show a presence.This was a certainty.

That evening as the attendees of the funeral of their militia brother came to an end and they traveled back to their respective towns, the back roads and highways were just as devoid of any cops as their trip in had been.
It was only later that evening and the next day that the state and local news revealed that a (statewide) State of Emergency had been called as a result of the funeral of this murdered militia brother.

That is why the highways and roads for at least a fifty mile radius of that funeral were devoid of any visible law enforcement presence. In my estimation a prudent thing to do. Today however, these new law enforcement thugs just may decide to roll the dice. Snake eyes if they do!

If any of you reading this were in attendance of that event fifteen years ago, then you know this to be a true account of that sad event in the history of the Patriot movement. It should never be forgotten.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The 75% White Male

75 % of the unemployed are white males. I spent a decade as a corporate recruiter in the hi tech fields back in the late seventies early eighties and watched the fed and state governments slowly but deliberately eliminate white males from the workforce and replace them with females, minorities, religious and all other manner of “Protected Classes” of employees other than white males.

It is also a fact that the great majority (90% or more) of engineers in the electrical/electronic, hardware software development engineering fields, were/are US white males. Chances are the Asians and Middle Eastern co-workers were working here under the H-1B visa program that Congress expands every year while no less than 15-20% of American, white male engineers cannot find work. There are even law firms that specialize in advising employers on how to avoid hiring American engineering employees in favor of the foreigners under H-1B visas that work cheaper and obviously do not get the same benefits.
The culprits behind this outrage and illegal discrimination against whites are no less than our elitist do=gooder NGOs or philanthropic organizations like the Rockefeller Foundation,The Carnegie Foundation for world piece the Ford Foundation and a host of other well heeled World do-gooder Foundations that have plenty of cash as a result of the major corporations funding them to bribe Congress and the White house. They in turn pass more laws fucking all the white guys here and bringing in more and more H-1B foreigners and of course all the illegally employed immigrants to take millions of skilled labor and technical jobs away from the rest of the white male Americans.

This a war against White, Christian, heterosexual, male heads of households by the elitists that have gotten a stranglehold on our country and our lives. The women to them are useful tools to be manipulated as Marx and Engles described in the Communist Manifesto.

They know not what they do, but the result has been to destroy the nuclear family and turn a generation or more of our kids into thoroughly confused and frustrated children and young adults. Drugging them with Ritalin or other powerful mind altering drugs is the elitist’s answer to them fucking our kid’s minds and lives up.

If these elitist bastards are not stopped soon there will be nothing left of the US that can even be called our country.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Be Careful of What you Wish For

For those that wish for an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities Send this to your Congressman.

Dear Sen./Cong.__________,

Please launch an immediate large scale air campaign and ground invasion of those nuclear terrorists in Iran. They are after all an existential threat to the state of Israel, even though they pose no threat whatsoever to the rest of the civilized world. That’s the world (the civilized one) that doesn’t bomb, kill and invade other Middle Eastern and European countries seeking regime change.

There will be a problem however for you lawmakers and heads of state like President Obama and PM Cameron, when they try to explain how the massive retaliation by Iran destroyed most of Israel and caused a major nuclear incident when an Iranian retaliatory missile strike destroyed the Negev nuclear reactor at Dimona and Israel’s nuclear weapons repository, causing a massive nuclear incident that most likely will destroy Israel and incinerate couple of million Israelis. Good luck on that.

And then of Course the Congress and Obama will have to explain to the American people how the Iranians sank at least one US aircraft carrier and numerous other capital warships with an anti-ship cruise missile defense network that has no known defense against it, resulting in the deaths of thousands of American seamen and Marines and of hundreds of billions of dollars in material battle losses.

Then of course you members of congress will have to explain how all of our US bases in the Gulf region were hit with a massive Iranian MRBM counterattack as result of Israel’s initial strike, destroying many of them and killing thousands more American servicemen stationed at them.

Come to think of it, you lawmakers may see your congressional shelf life expire immediately after an attack on Iran and the lot of you guys may have to start looking for a hole to climb into for your own safety. It will probably be the end of any President’s or Prime Minister’s time in office also.

Maybe that is what our country needs is an entirely new political class elected that will abide by their oaths to the US Constitution and return the America to the Nation’s (however mythical that may have been) past glory of freedom and equality and a powerhouse of economic success.

So by all means Sen/Cong.__________start the air and ground campaign against Iran immediately. We will not wait around for your letters of resignation as you will not have time to write them. Best wishes in the new country you will have to find in order to hide from the rest of us. Your hides won’t be worth much if you stay here.

Truly yours,

etc. etc. etc.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9th, 2011 at 5:03 pm

If Israel has determined that it is fair game to destroy all of Iran’s nuclear installations why is it not fair game for Iran to retaliate in kind?

Israel must realize that to attack Iran’s nuclear reactor which is operational and producing power will bring and instant retaliatory missile response from Iran. Are they just stupid or oblivious to the consequences of their ill conceived rhetoric and threats? I’m trying to figure out which bunch in tel Aviv or Washington are dumber, the Israelis or the US members of Congress and the pentagon.

In another blatant display of breathtaking stupidity, General Keane and other high pentagon and intelligence officials testified before Congress in October that they should assassinate a number of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s generals as they opined that the only thing Iran understands is when we shoot some of them. Say what?

There was an immediate response from Amir Ali Hajizadeh Iran’s Revolutionary Guard General that replied that “if they kill one of us we will kill dozens of them.”

Now did not the morons in both the Pentagon and congress expect that publicly threatening to assassinate high level officials in another country, especially one that we have been fucking with for years, might actually want to whack the guys back that are threatening to waste them? Even the dumbest organized crime figures can calculate that prospect.

It will be real interesting to hear the response from Hilary (she’s also on board regarding assassinating Iranian generals) and the other assholes running their mouths about shooting some high level Iranians to get their attention. They can’t possibly come back and say we are justified in assassinating your guys but you’re not supposed to do ours, and neither can the Israelis cry if Dimona is targeted for destruction in retaliation?

That will have the Iranians and the rest of the world rolling on the ground with laughter. How do these guys in Washington (and Israel) dream this shit up?

Monday, November 7, 2011

There’s the “New Military All Volunteer Force” and then there is the old military of thirty-five years ago, the old military that was all but destroyed by the Vietnam War. The huge difference was there was a draft that functioned because young men believed it was their duty to serve. That changed after a few years of the Vietnam experience. In fact not only did young men refuse to be inducted but it was almost mutiny on many levels by those serving. It has never recovered from being used as brutal and murderous method of spreading globalism and world hegemony.

The GW-1 vets may recall remnants of the “Old Military” as some of it’s past glory had survived but GW-2 and Afghanistan vets do not. They are the sons of the “Old Military” Vietnam Vets like myself and I watched the change to the “New Military” and it was/is not pretty. My last two years spent (in the Old Military)was as a recruiter at the very beginning of this transition to the “All Volunteer Service” as the draft ended.

The New Military from my experience now consists of mercs and a wide range of social engineering programs like gender norming, gay and lesbian acceptance and an entire plethora of touchy-feely crap that plays well for modern day recruiters and of course the Congressional money managers.

However, sooner or later the “New Military” would be called to do what military organizations are supposed to do, kill people and blow shit up. This is where our new military shines. They have indoctrinated a large segment of our kids into becoming psychopaths and some just down right killers. Assassination and torture are now mainstays of of military (and political) policy. All that touchy feely shit they say they are teaching seems to have a short shelf life once these kids are deployed. You can tell what it’s doing to them by the amount of suicides (the highest ever) among the lower ranking enlisted men. The extreme mental problems tare evident in those that survive and the out of control crime rates around all of our military bases once they return to “the World.”

I remain very proud of my eight years spent in uniform in the “Old Military.” The “New Military” that I served in briefly however, not so much!