Saturday, January 18, 2014

As a taxpayer I am sooooooo impressed with the, ahem, results of this test to attempt to take over the airways.

The federal government and in particular Homeland Security should continue to hire and employ their engineering and technical personnel for projects like this, based on color, gender and sexual orientation instead of technical education, experience and competency (white guys). It is fitting that affirmative action should be the primary reason for these asinine, New World Order attempts to violate the 1st Amendment and enslave the rest of us.

Hey assholes at Homeland Security, listen up! Only white guys have the technical abilities to do the kind of evil shit you are planning to do to us. As a result of this slight regarding employment policies that excludes straight, white, technically competent males, the unemployed white guys are going (if they haven’t already) to do to you, what you are planning to do to us. I think a number of clandestine hackers have already proven their capabilities in making that point.

Monday, January 13, 2014

We were warned years ago!

Providing the New Pearl Harbor

The "Project for the New American Century" (PNAC) the Jewish, Neocon Manifesto states that what is needed is another "pearl Harbor" in order to implement their global plans for the "New America and eliminate much of our Constitutional Rights, if not the entire Constitution and the Sovereign Nation State itself.

What a coincidence that 9/11 provided that "New "Pearl Harbor" and justified the implementation of Homeland Security, Obama's "Civilian force as powerful as the Army" also laid out in the PNAC manifesto for slavery.
The globalists do not trust the Pentagon to carry out the kind of internal repression they have planned so the DHS para-military forces are to be used for this purpose instead. We saw a dress rehearsal for the Obama cabal's plans in the Boston area.

Every totalitarian regime has had its own internal security forces under the personal command of their "Dear leader" in this case Obama. Hitler had his "Reserve Police Battalions",The USSR their "Internal Ministry troops" and now The US with their DHS, para-military forces using the Fusion Centers as the organizing locus.

Obama and his PNAC minion have commandeered all the local, state and federal law inforcement agencies and coordinating through these Fusion Centers in each state has built a para-military army independent of DOD and the Pentagon only answerable to the WhiteHouse through the Dept of Homeland Security.
This army is several hundred thousand strong and is indistinguishable in training, equipment and weapons from the troops being deployed anywhere in the world. The big difference here is that these troops will be deployed against the American people.

There is a wild card in that certain branches of our armed forces, operating under Constitutional law, may decide to stop Obama's executive branch forces as rogue elements of an out of control president and a few, off the reservation members of Congress.
The Obama bunch and his accomplices do not have a lot of friends in the Pentagon and like Clinton, are continually purging the officer ranks of what they consider disloyal or untrustworthy commanders.

My money is on certain elements of elite forces that most likely won't cotton to these paramilitary thugs running around attempting to impersonate real military troops.Given that the last three megalomaniacs elected president of these United States has drooled over the prospect of having expanded these elite force many fold, they may created the means of their own demise

The American people also need a Pearl Harbor like event perpetrated by these traitors in Washington and Wall Street before a cause sufficient to throw the bums out and take the US back from the multinational corporate criminals that now own and control it.
I am confident that their arrogance will provide that same Pearl Harbor like motivation with some false flag event or a direct attack against the people with a Waco Like slaughter of innocent men women and Children for the American people to rise up. It will also be their (neocons and multinational corporation's) "Bridge Too Far." The last Waco brought about the Militia Movement in all fifty states. Who can tell what will happen if another Waco like event should occur instigated by his DHS army of thugs.!

Wall Street and their Lust for the Social Security Fund

Dealing with the budget deficit the old fashioned way!

Obama is going to make up for not cutting deep enough in discretionary spending or reining in the Pentagon ($400.00/gal gas from Kuwaiti contractors, 200 overseas bases and two wars one of which is longest in US history) by destroying Medicare and Social security. But not to worry, our republican friends in Congress are going to help him do it. In fact I believe it’s their idea.

Both parties keep claiming that Medicare and Social Security are “unfunded entitlements” and they are the cause of the largest part of the budget deficit. This of course is an unmitigated lie.

I’m looking at a letter from Social Security that states my wife alone and her employer has contributed $30 thousand dollars to the Social Security Trust Fund and a slightly lesser amount to Medicare, and still a few years of working before collecting any benefits.

Bernie Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont that often votes with both republicans and democrats, stated publicly on a major network only a few days ago, that the Social Security Trust Fund is flush and contains $4.3 Trillion, trillion with a T, enough to pay out all the SS benefits due for the next 27 years. He claims these two government run programs are in no way responsible for any part of the budget deficit.

Then we have Mitch McConnell, the republican minority leader in the Senate lying through his teeth on Face the Nation yesterday by claiming that Social Security funding will have a $50 billion shortfall for this year alone.
He may not be far wrong as the Congress has been stealing billions from the SS trust fund regularly for decades ever since the Johnson administration started taking cash out of it to pay for the Vietnam War. The Congress offered plenty of help in this embezzlement of taxpayer pension and benefit funds. They just grab the cash, stuff an IOU in the fund’s coffers and hoped we wouldn't notice.

Well we have. So now to keep from honoring these IOUs, these Congressional thieves and their accomplices at Goldman Sachs wants to turn over all these trillions (and the IOUs) to Wall Street in a Ponzi scheme they are calling privatization. The Goldman Sachs boys running the treasury now will not honor these IOUs to make sure retiree’s are paid their benefits, but they will make damn sure Goldman and the Wall Street money changers will get these IOUs honored once they get their money-grubbing hands on it, with taxpayer dollars.

These crooks as usual are too clever by half. This two year taxpayer holiday for the middle-class worker (the Obama alleged tax break) is another handout for the same wealthy corporate crooks. The tax break law say that Social Security deductions will not be withheld from worker’s paychecks for the next two years, a strange way to deal with an, ahem, $50 billion Social Security Trust Fund deficit.

However, here’s the part they thought we would not’t figure out. Corporations will not have to contribute their half to the Social Security Trust fund either, obviously allowing the corporate thieves to pocket billions in unpaid SS contributions that should have gone to the SS Trust Fund and to the retirees. What the hell, it worked for all those corporate pension funds that disappeared like say Enron and the big three automakers, why not for the largest, most efficiently run and flush government retirement fund in he world, Social Security and Medicare. A veritable bonanza as far as Wall Street heists are concerned, the banker bailouts are chump change when compared to the trillions of $ in the SS Trust Fund.

Those Wall Street bankers and Goldman Sachs are literally drooling at the prospect of getting their hands on this pension fund in the same way they stole GM, Chrysler and Ford’s worker’s retirement funds. Just imagine the multi-million dollar bonus’ these banksters can pay out to each other with all that Social Security, Pension Fund largess.
All Obama had to do was have the big three automakers declare bankruptcy, pay off the union and lavish the corporate executives with golden parachutes (bribes) and Presto, no more worker retirement benefit liability. Oh, also move the car companies offshore so the corporate crooks can screw their new Third World workers even more. Talk about compound profit making.

Stealing the Social Security trust fund and giving it to Wall Street will even be easier. After all, you have a Congress (both parties) and a President that will be happy to do it with crooked legislation and executive orders in spite of our objections. After all, they must figure we won’t be around much longer anyway, and by the time our kids are ready for retirement, a government run retirement fund won’t exist.

The Democrats and the Republicans run the largest organized crime syndicate in the world. Obama is their Capo. If the sorry field of Republican contenders for Obama’s replacement isn’t sent packing and some decent and honest candidates are fielded, it’s a sure bet both parties want Obama to remain Capo DE Capo.

Citizen's militia

Most state’s (if not all) Constitutions have militia clauses in them (all able bodied men) some have age criteria i.e. 17 to 67 etc, are amendments to the Constitutions. They are divided into Organized and Unorganized definitions in my state for example.

The Organized variety is the National Guard formally known as the State Militia along with their auxiliary branches, State’s Defense Forces and even a Naval Militia. These unpaid auxiliary units could even use the National Guard facilities (armories etc. ) for training purposes and could participate in training with them. I believe they even received some state funds (although minuscule)for equipment etc.

The Unorganized Militia on the other hand consisted of all able bodied men, supplied all their own gear and weapons and was completely independent of the state’s forces except in times of emergency or insurrection/invasion, could be activated by the state governor under his command.

The federal government did a masterful job in destroying the image of the Unorganized Militia in many states by portraying them as terrorists in the nineties by the same infiltration tactics as they are now doing to the OWS demonstrators.

However, the fact remains that these unorganized militia amendments and laws are still on the books (State Constitutions) in almost all states and forming volunteer militia units (Unorganized) is strictly legal and I might add patriotic in the Founding Father’s image of the world at hand.

The Unorganized variety of militia scares the living shit out of the tyrants in Washington and Wall Street much more so than the OWS demonstrators that are all over the US cities.

Take a moment to go through your state’s Constitution as they will be part of the amendments themselves and need the vote of the people to repeal them as amendments, and not just statutory law that can be repealed by legislative vote.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Tea Party Third Party

From my perspective and based on some facts gleaned from their campaigns and candidates, The Tea Party represents the "Third Way" so to speak as they claim to represent the large segment of the Libertarian populace that cannot identify with either Republican (neoconservative) International interventionism or the liberal Democrat's propensity for war mongering (also in the interventionist camp) and the socialist leanings like the LGBT and multicultural, immigration run amok. .

Since both major parities have complete control of the elections and candidate selection of the two parties, the Tea Party candidates can use the Republican party as their vehicle to obtain elected office. They seem to act as an independent party that everyone realistically realizes cannot get elected if they ran as such, i.e. Independents or Libertarians. Once in off ice though they tell Boehner and the rest of our elected traitors to kiss their asses. That is just what we need in the Congress in order to stop the corporate owned party elected hacks in both the major parties from continuing to destroy the country. We need even more of these Tea Partiers to stop stuff like Legalizing illegal Immigration and TPP and other Free Trader treasons from becoming law.

Republicans and democrats both have attempted, with some success, infiltrating and compromising the Tea Party with globalist hack and war mongering internationalist lawmakers and other organizations like Freedom Works, a globalist Free Trade cabal, to bring the renegade Tea Party into line with the conventional orthodoxy of both the corrupt national parties. They have been largely ineffective in this attempt to continue to destroy US sovereignty. Economically they have been only successful at bringing about diminishing returns as Americans are running out of disposable income to support a consumption based economy that produces nothing more than debt and pollution.

The Tea Party may be the ones to break the corporate stranglehold the globalists and multicultural commies have on our elected and legislative process.
So having Tea Party , Republican Candidates is as close to electing Independents or bonifide third party candidates that don't owe their souls to Wall Street or to corporate boardroom members.