Sunday, December 16, 2012

Drugs not Guns; What is ADD?

It's starting to look more and more like this kid Lanza was/has been strung out on drugs since he was a kid going to that same elementary school. CBS News said this morning he had mental problems back then as a child and his mother even pulled him out of school for home schooling when the school system would not “address” his psychological disorders and subsequently a huge conflict arose between the family and the school system.

These types of disputes usually surface when the school nurse diagnoses a child with ADD and the school mandates that as a condition of attendance or a court order for child abuse, the child must be medicated with Ritalin or one of the other addictive, psychotropic stimulants to treat his mental disorder.
These drugs are highly addictive and once on them does permanent damage to brain functions and alters irrevocably the body’s ability to produce melatonin for healthy mood functions. The kids turn into psychotics with suicidal urges and violence against others. The schools medical staff and drug companies know this and is even required that this be “Black Boxed” on the drug packaging but there is way too much money to be made by forcing millions of these kids and also adults I’ve read to become hooked on this shit.

The answer, as was evident on the morning talking head propaganda outlets, was of course Gun Control and abolishing assault weapons even though the kid used two handguns in his rampage. One asshole congressman said we don’t know what to do but. and this is the classic pandering remark, “We must do something” to stop this kind of gun violence i.e. gun control. What a tool!

Not a word about the drugging of this kid since elementary school although it was hinted he was being treated for an unspecified mental disorder. Obama and Clinton share many commonalities but none so obvious as the ghoulish desire for these types of murderous rampages to try and implement the progressive wet dream of an unarmed, helpless US population. So Obama and his fellow global commie travelers will now use this terrible incident as his pal Clinton had done numerous times (there were numerous school shootings during Clinton’s time in office by kids strung out on this shit Ritalin etc) to push through all manner of gun bans and restrictions on ammunition capacity.

Americans must take some kind counter PR action to stop this continuing cycle of the pharmaceuticals and the school systems producing drug altered, psychotic killers that can be used as political justification i.e. Rahm Emmanuel’s “Never let a good catastrophe go to waste” method of imposing laws that violate not only 2nd Amendment rights but our civil rights and liberties as well.

The drugging of millions of elementary school boys to control them and to keep them from acting as normal health boys do so as to make them “more manageable” profits the pharmaceutical companies in the billions of dollars. This must be stopped and their accomplices in the educational system must be held accountable and criminally prosecuted for these mass murders and the murderers that commit them.

This kid could have just as easily broke into that school and hacked twenty children to death with a machete as with his handguns. That happens fairly regularly in third world African villages. Would the crime be any less heinous if a ball bat was used by a psychotic that was forced to use mind altering drugs most of his short life, I think not.

The incidence of poisoning and destroying our children with psychotropic, mind altering drugs must stop. There has to be a line drawn between free market capitalism profit taking and the ultimate destruction of generations of our children. The school systems are not in existence reeducate mankind and transform though systematic drugging, a version of a new feminized, global male. These are the progressive zealot’s wet dreams and their misguided government’s unintended consequences. Mass murderers and must never again be used as grist for the evil political charlatan’s opportunist’s mills. They have to be stopped from further destruction of our American society as we know it.