Friday, May 9, 2014

Let's get the cards and letters coming

I have been posting essays and opinion on this my site, "What's Up With That" for a few years now and unfortunately it has not generated the kind of political discourse or any kind for that matter I had hoped it would.

Without comment whether in agreement or criticism, an author has little guidance as to the content or tenor of his writings.

As always, suggestions on subject matter and critiques on finished product are always welcome in the hope that valuable political discussions, and even solutions may emerge.

So the next time you read one of my posts I would love to have some commentary posted on the discrete comments section. I can post it for others to see or just for my eyes. The choice is yours and the blog does not require a valid return email address.
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The author

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Controlled Economic Disintegration (and then some)

⚑ by Salvatore •

Seems to me Washington is planning America's demise -- not the demise of Russia. Ostensibly, it looks like Uncle Sam is out to get Russia, but that's just ostensible. Because of Uncle Sam's policies, the world hates the USA now. We're getting set-up to be destroyed, as Germany was set-up to be destroyed [ Hitler being part-and-parcel of the set-up ]. A lot of countries are now joining ranks together and got their guns aimed at the USA.

Washington shipped all of our industry en-masse to China. Now they have the industry, and we're broke. Broke and no industry, open borders, massive immigration from the Third World, fomenting war all over the world, with no industrial base to back-up the war-making [ looking at it from purely a strategic viewpoint], with many millions of third world immigrants who don't consider themselves Americans and are only here to usurp.

Pretty stupid to so greatly and so deeply weaken the country domestically while trying to take on the world -- but that's what Uncle Sam has done and is still doing. In the meantime, as Uncle Sam goads Putin on, China is buying up the USA, and we still have open borders and massive immigration, and hardly any industry left.

It's called planned destruction. It's goes way beyond stupidity. It's all planned to destroy the USA and bring the USA in-line with the NWO One Government. The NWO requires the destruction of the USA. Russia is not going to die, Russia grows increasingly stronger on the world stage, but it certainly looks like the USA is on her way out. We're ruled by enemies, but one they're not, they're not stupid. Most of Uncle Sam's policies, if not all policies, both domestically and foreign, are designed to bring the USA down. We are ruled by COMMUNISTS.

The fall, or so-called "fall" of the Soviet Union was a giant charade. Many Communist Jews came here to the USA after the so-called "fall" of the Soviet Union, the "Evil Empire", and Communist Jews are in complete power in Washington -- and many State Capitals. Reagan, the so-called "patriotic", "conservative" "All-American" "cowboy hero" president let the die-hard, intense, warmongering, murderous, Communist Jews of the Soviet Union into the USA in very large numbers, welcoming them with open arms. Reagan even signed the Jew's Communist Noahide Laws into the American canon of law. The Jew Communist Noahide Laws were the foundational laws of the Communist Soviet Union.

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