Monday, March 26, 2012

Total House (of Congress) Cleaning

March 25th, 2012 at 5:53 pm

I hope everyone realizes that if these Congressmen and senators are all returned this November at the usual 97% reelection rate we are all fucked.

Unless the House of Representatives and the Senate are purged of every member that has served more than two consecutive terms (meaning they are total whores to Wall Street banksters and the Global Fascist commies) it will be business as usual.

Obama just may get reelected with the likes of Romney being the opposition candidate (kind of like the brain addled McCain running last time) and this Congress does not have the balls or the inclination to impeach this traitor or even stop him if he decides to start WWIII.

Obama has literally gotten away with murder, treason, theft in office by paying off his pals in banking and Wall Street with our treasury. Looting the country as a whole, spying and violating almost every one of our Bill of Rights. Add to that war crimes and possible genocide, contempt of Congress and this guy doesn’t even care a farthing for the rule of law or the Constitution.

Now when your Congressman and Senators sit there and say and do nothing and allow this illegal immigrant traitor and foreign agent just to do as he damn well pleases, well it’s time to get yourselves some new lawmakers. And not the kind cut from the same Ivy League, wall street bankster criminal cloth we have been sending to Washington.

Time for some non lawyer, honest working stiffs to represent us. What the hell, Dubya could hardly put a coherent sentence together and he was elected president. He probably wouldn’t have made a good plumber either.

I think there’s a place in Washington for 435 Joe the Plumbers or any other guys that knows what it means to raise a family and live on a budget. Not the guys like Romney that tell us how they know all about meeting a payroll by screwing their employees out of their benefits.

I’ll say it again, if the same bunch is returned to Congress this Fall, we’re fucked

Sunday, March 11, 2012


March 10th, 2012 at 3:24 pm

The reality is the sheeple will lay low until the wolves find them and eat them.

The sheeple are stupid fucks that will sit there in the open and pretend (as they have always done) that the wolves (government) would never do anything as brutal as eat them alive. That is what makes them prey, easy prey.

Sometimes the wolves fuck up and attempt to eat prey that have real big fangs and claws (like armed patriots) and get their heads handed to them.

Many time the wolves decide it isn’t worth the risk and back down. They are mainly fucking cowardly pigs that like to dress up and think of themselves as wolves.

Case in point. The Branch Davidians had the entire ATF assault team trapped behind the row of cars they were using for cover after pulling back from the original dynamic entry assault. They never expected Koresh’s men to put up such an effective defense when they tried to enter the building.

The assault force lost momentum and were now out of ammunition and only had one way to retreat or resupplied, a two hundred yard open field at their backs.

The Branch Davidian defenders made a tactical and strategic error when they let those ATF maggots walk out there with a cease fire.They would be alive today if they would have taken them prisoner after issuing the ultimatum to surrender. The ATF would have had no alternative, either surrender or die. They shot those black suited gestapo up pretty badly and most of the fight was out of them. The helicopter that tried to shoot into the building initially was hit with 50 cal from the Koresh’s two Barret light fifties and beat a hasty retreat.

The ATF scum were luckier than six peckered billy goats that the Branch Davidian’s still thought there was an actual government in power than honored the Constitution. We all know better now, don’t we!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Three stooges as mad bombers

Just watched a Senate Armed Services committee hearing on Syria with McCain, Lieberman and Lindsey Graham with the other asshole members of the committee questioning Sec Def Panetta and the Chair, Joint Chiefs Gen Dempsey. Discussing or should say rather attempting to lie their way into a Syrian military intervention that the US public would buy. What a pack of lying no good son of a bitches.

It was clear from the start that these senators were trying to get Dempsey and Pannetta to agree with them on the whole “Assad is slaughtering his helpless people and there is no outside terrorist intervention funded by the West and in particular the USA. Dempsey (and Pannetta) shucked and jived when questioned directly and would not give straight answers to whether air strikes against the Syrian Army were doable and in fact Dempsey pointed out that the Syrian air defenses were 5 times more sophisticated and in numbers than Qaddafi had in Lybia and ten times more than they had in Serbia. For the record, we lost over two hundred aircraft bombing Serbia and Kosovo in 1999. When asked about the Russian’s involvement in Syria and the Russian naval base there, and Russian weapon deliveries, Dempsey would only answer those questions from the war mongering senators in so-called “Closed Sessions.”

Can’t have the Americans (whom this bunch of assholes were mugging the cameras and playing to the ignorance of the average US citizen, find out about all the Russian S-300 advanced air defense systems installed and operated by the Russians. Or the task force of Russian guided missile frigates and destroyers operating Syrian waters, 30 or forty new Russian combat aircraft or the Yakhonts, supersonic anti-ship missiles that can hit a ship almost two hundred miles away that the Syrians are now manning, just waiting for a US Carrier or other capitol ship to get within range.

No these assholes in the Senate in Particular and Washington in general think we are all as stupid as they are. If they think this theatrical bullshit show they put on Wednesday is going to convince the intelligent segment of the US population that we ought to be bombing and invading Syria and Iran right now, they are not only stupid but delusional.

Anybody hear about those babies being thrown out of their incubators onto the tile, hospital floors lately?