Sunday, March 29, 2015



I wonder if all the pro Clinton/anti D'inesh commenters are aware of the Alinsky acolyte Hitlery Clinton's own Wellesley senior thesis on Saul Alinsky entitled "There Is Only The Fight"?

Published here: http://www.economicpolicyjourn

Of particular salience, from "Chapter V Realizing Life After Birth", this quote:
"Alinsky and his model are continuing to evolve..."

Yes, that is precisely the role Clinton sees for herself - to pick up the Saul Alinsky/Barak Obama torch and lead America's middle class where Alinsky directed that it should go to:
"Most people have been and are fearful to pay this price for freedom, and so freedom has largely been freedom to avoid these responsibilities. The free man is one who would break loose from the terrestrial, chronological existence of security and status and take off into the adventure which is life with its passions, drama, risks, dangers, creative joys, and the ability to change with change." - Saul Alinsky
....and yet - YET - Clinton opines in Chapter V of Alinsky, the following:

"Alinsky’s proposals carry obvious spin-off effects. The need for workers could be filled from among the un- and under-employed in the cities. The model integrated communities constructed to house the workers would be self-governing. The projects, administered by bureaucrats and staffed by credentialed experts, would provide attractive recompense and job satisfaction to lure people away from the megalopoli."
She continues, "...about moving people out of the ghettoes [sic], have little chance of over being legislated. Although they would not be considered too radical in many more centralized welfare states, they are “revolutionary” within a mass production/consumption state, particularly the United States."
...leading to this observation on Alinsky:

"In spite of his being featured in the Sunday New York Times and living a comfortable, expenses-paid life, he considers himself a revolutionary."
Aye.....and there it is - the unescapable disjointedness of the upper crust, as Hillary Clinton herself enjoys the lap of luxury in her stations first as FLOTUS and then as Secretary of State where even her underling Jill Psaki, when pressed on the subject of Clinton's accomplishments while at the helm of State, could not find even a singular piece of actual work the elitist parasite Clinton did during her tenure.
It does not take a mental giant to find the obvious correlations that do exist between her observation of Alinsky and her own life with the substitution of herself for Alinsky. In her own words:

"In spite of [Hillary Clinton] a comfortable, expenses-paid life, (I) consider (myself) a revolutionary."

Clinton's last words of her 94 page thesis on Saul Alinsky were these words:
"In the first chapter it was pointed out that Alinsky is regarded by many as the proponent of a dangerous socio/political philosophy."

Just as the hypocrisy of her own words vis a vis Alinsky's own hypocrisy of living an all expenses-paid life in the lap of luxury while advocating that the vast middle class must break their [outmoded] bonds to the importance they place in their personal propertiy, so too can that blatant hypocrisy be applied to Mrs. Clinton.
And I have just effectively done that (and it was not difficult to do). Hillary Clinton is only the next communist who, when placed into the sanitizing light of objective analysis, can and must be "regarded by many as the proponent of a dangerous socio/political philosophy.".

That philosophy of course being that of Saul Alinsky himself, and in Clinton's own words "his model....[must]....continue to evolve."
She must not be allowed the opportunity to decide FOR us the most pressing of questions (which of course will NEVER be asked of her on the campaign trail):
".....evolve into what, precisely?"

Glitch Girl

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The campaign for the slaying of Islamic dragons, A flashback!

How coincidental that Obama and the other Neocon war mongers announce another campaign for the slaying of Islamic dragons when the Mid-Term election polls are indicating both parties are going to take a bloodbath at the hands of the voters this time around.

And to tie up all this terrorist attack hysteria in a neat package, he announces it all on the eve of the 9/11, the self inflicted, mass murder of thousands of Americans.

What great theater for the Neocon, Khazar Jews in Washington orchestrating it. Like the POS Rahm Emmanual (now mayor of Chicago) Said during Clinton's Communitarian regime, "Never let a good catastrophe go to waste." Referring to all the school shootings at the time they were pushing their gun control schemes. A couple of US journalist beheadings (maybe) by ISIS will serve their purpose in that regard nicely thank you very much.

The sleezeball Congress must sense their days in elected office are numbered, especially the 5, 10 and even 20 term incumbents unless they and Obama can put together enough mass hysteria, terrorist boogieman fear mongering to bludgeon the American people into a rally around the flag, knee jerk reaction and reelect the present bunch of traitorous scumbags.

After all what would happen to all the Sleazy Wall Street and Defense contractor's graft of billions from taxpayer coffers in Washington and payoffs in the form of campaign donations to the incumbents in Congress and the business as usual, organized crime figures in the Whitehouse, if these same scumbag lawmakers were not returned to office?.

Well they are your Congress rats as you people keep voting them back in because you're scared of the boogiemen they create to scare the old people and the women, even the ones that call themselves men.