Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Brain Sex

Feminists, both male and female (and there are a number of those geldings) that believe in absolute sexual equality should really think twice before relying on females to perform dangerous tasks, especially ones that place your lives at risk, with the same confidence as you would a male. It is a given that females are just not in the same upper body strength league as are males. So if you are waiting for that female, affirmative action, fire fighter to pull you out of that burning building you may be in trouble.

A decade or two ago, there was a multi episode PBS special documentary called "Brain Sex."

Now PBS is not known for their conservative or male biased programming but facts are facts and their researchers and studies turned out some doozies regarding the differences, and they are substantial, from birth between the sexes.

There was the usual differences in play and toys with the girls preferring dolls and unicorns and the boys with trucks and earth moving equipment. The main difference stated besides the obvious physical differences, was that boys wanted action toys that actually mimicked grown up toys for boys while the girls preferred their fantasy land and nurturing kinds of play.

Those were the first facts developed through years of non feminist and progressive horseshit studies we have been spoon fed or shoved down our throats for a half century.
There is a huge difference on the way females and males view and react to reality and that is also a fact.

However, the most striking difference were the brain capabilities in the way females and males, solve problems that require analytical thinking in spatial relationships and math.

It is no secret that males consistently score higher in math and mechanical (Spatial Relationship) skills on SAT and ACT tests as well as the batteries of tests the armed forces administer to male and female applicants, which are notable for testing abilities on how a box would appear if the sides were folded down flat.

The fact is there is only one in thirteen females that possess the same spatial relationships and math skills of the average male is born with. the box unfolding task is a simple problem to solve but one that more than a dozen females would not be able to correctly solve as opposed to more than 90% of average intelligence males.
Men live in a three dimensional world (the reason there are so many more pilots then females) and those inherent skills in males and lacking in females is the reason females are so underrepresented in engineering and science disciplines not that the nasty old men don't want them there. Factually speaking, most females are not very good at those disciplines.

They do make up for those shortcomings in many other ways as their abilities to multi-task (ever notice how females can talk and listen simultaneously?) as their brains are wired considerably differently than males.
Their organizational abilities are superb and abstract thinking is a female forte worth mentioning.
Their superiority in visual acuity regarding colors, manual dexterity and patience regarding very precision, tedious and monotonous tasks far outstrips a male's tolerance and skills for such tasks and would soon find them (males) babbling incoherently in a corner in a very short time.

So no matter how hard progressives and feminists and other proponents of equality try, there's just no changing mother Nature's clearly defined physical and psychological differences determining the roles men and women fill in the world and have filled for tens of thousands of years.

All those that scoff at these differences should Google PBS's Documentary, "Brain Sex" I'm sure it is still in their archives although feminists may have done their worst to remove any evidence of such blasphemy regarding the Feminist orthodoxy as the truth of the monumental differences between males and females.