Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Capo de Capo

Obama is going to make up for not cutting deep enough in discretionary spending or reining in the Pentagon ($400.00/gal gas from Kuwaiti contractors, 200 overseas bases and two wars one of which is longest in US history) by destroying Medicare and Social security. But not to worry, our republican friends in Congress are going to help him do it. In fact I believe it’s their idea.

Both parties keep claiming that Medicare and Social Security are “unfunded entitlements” and they are the cause of the largest part of the budget deficit. This of course is an unmitigated lie.

I’m looking at a letter from Social Security that states my wife alone and her employer has contributed $30 thousand dollars to the Social Security Trust Fund and a slightly lesser amount to Medicare, and still a few years of working before collecting any benefits.

Bernie Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont that often votes with both republicans and democrats, stated publicly on a major network only a few days ago, that the Social Security Trust Fund is flush and contains $4.3 Trillion, trillion with a T, enough to pay out all the SS benefits due for the next 27 years. He claims these two government run programs are in no way responsible for any part of the budget deficit.

Then we have Mitch McConnell, the republican minority leader in the Senate lying through his teeth on Face the Nation yesterday by claiming that Social Security funding will have a $50 billion shortfall for this year alone.
He may not be far wrong as the Congress has been stealing billions from the SS trust fund regularly for decades ever since the Johnson administration. They just grab the cash, stuff an IOU in the fund’s coffers and hoped we wouldn’t notice.
Well we have. So now to keep from honoring these IOUs, these Congressional thieves and their accomplices at Goldman Sachs want to turn over all these trillions (and the IOUs) to Wall Street in a ponzi scheme they are calling privatization. The Goldman Sachs boys running the treasury now will not honor these IOUs to make sure retiree’s are paid their benefits, but they will make damn sure Goldman and the Wall Street moneychangers will get these IOUs honored once they get their moneygrubbing hands on it, with taxpayer dollars.

These crooks as usual are too clever by half. This two year taxpayer holiday for the middleclass worker (the Obam alleged tax break) is another handout for the same wealthy corporate crooks. The tax break law say that Social Security deductions will not be withheld from worker’s paychecks for the next two years, a strange way to deal with an, ahem, $50 billion Social Security Trust Fund deficit.

However, here’s the part they thought we wouldn’t figure out. Corporations will not have to contribute their half to the Social Security Trust fund either, obviously allowing the corporate thieves to pocket billions in unpaid SS contributions that should have gone to the SS Trust Fund and to the retirees. What the hell, it worked for all those corporate pension funds that disappeared like say Enron and the big three automakers, why not for the largest, most efficiently run and flush government retirement fund in he world, Social Security and Medicare. A veritable bonanza as far as Wall Street heists are concerned, the banker bailots are chump change when compared to the trillions of $ in the SS Trust Fund.

Those Wall Street bankers and Goldman Sachs are literally drooling at the prospect of getting their hands on this pension fund in the same way they stole GM, Chrysler and Ford’s worker’s retirement funds. Just imagine all the multi-million dollar bonus’ these banksters can pay out to each other with all that Social Security, Pension Fund largess.

All Obama had to do was have the big three automakers declare bankruptcy, pay off the union and lavish the corporate executives with golden parachutes (bribes) and Presto, no more worker retirement benefit liability. Oh, also move the car companies offshore so the corporate crooks can screw their new Third World workers even more. Talk about compound profit making.

Stealing the Social Security trust fund and giving it to Wall Street will even be easier. After all, you have a Congress (both parties) and a President that will be happy to do it with crooked legislation and executive orders in spite of our objections. After all, they must figure we won’t be around much longer anyway, and by the time our kids are ready for retirement, a government run retirement fund wont exist.

The Democrats and the Republicans run the largest organized crime syndicate in the world. Obama is their Capo. If the sorry field of Republican contenders for Obama’s replacement isn’t sent packing and some decent and honest candites are fielded, it’s a sure bet both parties want Obama to remain Capo de Capo.

Hmmmmmmm! "Who, but a madman

Hmmmmmmm! "Who, but a madman, would fight for the right to incite violence?"

Let's see now what other reasons could possibly incite violence? Could it be the Patriot Act, Warrant less searches and wiretapping, TSA groping and naked body scanners soon to be deployed to not only airports but shopping malls, bus terminals and sporting events.

Two or more illegal wars that are being expanded, bleeding the US white. Tax breaks for millionaires and attacks on Social Security. Mandatory ObamaCare with the threat of fines and jail for non-compliance. Legalized torture and assassinations of American citizens. Millions of home forclosures by banks with phony forclosure documents. Millions of manufacturing jobs and the plants, going to third world cesspools for slave labor with interest free loans and tax breaks given our government to move there. This in order to level the (worker's pay and benefits) playing field and worship the global economy. Add a trillion dollar bailout of Wall street so they can continue giving themselves million dollar bonuses while the average American is jobless at a well over 15% rate.

What other reasons could possibly be driving people over the edge other than toxic rhetoric?

Oh I know, if people in this country are kept dumb enough where they are ignorant at how badly they are being represented in Washington, they will remain docile obedient fools for our elite masters that control almost every aspect of the average American's life.

Let's now pass laws that restrict toxic rhetoric and hateful speech but let us make sure we never address the real issues that are driving guys like this kid insane. Yea, That's the ticket!