Friday, November 22, 2013

Neo Functionalism

I have a theory based on some facts I picked up while referencing one of my old International Relations publications, an “introduction to International Relations, Power & Justice” by Ted A. Couloumbis and James H. Wolf.

The globalists know they must arrange the world into regions prior to full globalization. One of the ways to do this is called “Neo-Functionalism” or arranging regions by function. The European Union is a large commerce region and market for goods manufactured in the underdeveloped Region(s) of South Asia. Bush and the Harper of Canada attempted to assemble discretely, the “North American Union” with, as is in the EU with the Euro, it’s own currency called the Amero that would encompass all of North America, Canada, the US and Mexico.

How far they have gotten with this is uncertain but Rick Perry, the half wit governor of Texas has been constructing with generous federal grants and state funds, a giant, super highway that will start at the Mexican border, cross Texas and meet up with a continent crossing highway spanning the entire Central US and end up at the Canadian border. According to Newt Gingrich this will in fact erase the borders between our three countries while establishing another region in the world globalization scheme. The North American Union is also a region for consuming goods produced in the under developed South Asian Region. I believe all these “free Trade agreements” with the South and Central American countries is a thinly veiled attempt in regionalizing all of South America also. Obviously Hugo Chavez and a few others objected to this regionalization so were/are also on the hit list as Syria is.

All the regions are arranged by function hence the Neo-Functionalism title. Last but not least is the Middle Eastern “Region” and just guess what that region’s function is? The oil/energy supply for all the other regions in the world, especially the militaries that will keep the regions in line and power the manufacturing regions of S. Asia to produce the goods that will continue to make the global elite wealthy.

So you see how important it is for all the independent governments in the Middle East to be puppet governments or crushed and puppets installed. The Global masters of the Universe cannot have individual sheikdoms, kingdoms or Islamic republics dictating oil supplies and prices or even borders. You just can’t run a global empire that way.

The same holds true with the US as a separate, sovereign entity or Nation State that has a pesky old, iron clad Constitution and a revolutionary form of representative, republican government that doesn’t take kindly to world bodies dictating to it. This is also the reason the US is being deindustrialized and unfortunately bankrupted and most of all, be disarmed as all the other puppet states are in the Neo-Functional Regions of the globe. Can't have Americans reliving the days of yesteryear when the British monarchs were our masters and oppressors and the armed American patriots kicked their asses all the way back to their British Isles.

Quite an ambitious plan by these Philosopher kings that believe it is their destinies to rule the world and the billions of people that inhabit it.

Just a theory but it rings true if you study what the political scientists have deduced from history and the actions of modern actors in the world of global politics.