Sunday, November 30, 2014

Has Congress made itself Irrelevant?

The people still don't get it, Many believe that the Congress is Irrelevant and only the presidential power of Obama counts, The author of such an article, Steve McCann that once worked on the Romney Committee contradicts himself throughout his writing on the subject. For example;

“Under the myopic and blindly loyal leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats have succeeded in creating an imperial and, in a second term, a potential dictatorial presidency.”

Obama did not make the Congress irrelevant; the Congress made the Congress irrelevant under “the leadership of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi” as only the Congress has the power to do and created this Imperial presidency.

The president, whomever that may be, is charged with “to take care that the laws (passed by Congress) are faithfully executed” (Art II, US Constitution.) not make laws or create for himself an imperial presidency. Only the Congress can allow and in this Congress’ case, encourage and aid and abet this last president’s unlawful power grab.

The Congress has allowed this Executive and the last three presidents an unlimited supply of “get out of jail free” cards and I do not need to go into the ugly details of the various domestic and international crimes these last three or more administrations have committed. Drug running, gun running, drug money laundering, war crimes, violations of Geneva conventions on torture, assassinations and wars of aggression, ad nauseum are just a partial list of their overt criminal activity and not to mention all the violations of their oaths of office. In this the Congress is irrevocably and intentionally complicit

The Congressional oversight committees have turned a blind eye and more often than not have whitewashed and even concealed relevant facts and evidence to give the Executive branch and their thuggish department’s exoneration of any wrongdoing. In many cases Congress has rewarded the blatant lawbreaking of the executive branch and the president himself, with promotions for the criminals that perpetrated the crime(s) and more appropriated funding (as only the Congress has the power to do) to continue their unlawful acts

Only the Congress has the ability and the power to impeach and remove from office the president, not the other way around. The president is constitutionally and by design, the weakest of the three branches of government as the Founding Fathers knew that giving a president powers that could not be curtailed and controlled by the Congress and the courts was a recipe for an imperial presidency much like what the revolution was fought for. Tyranny of the executive and the federal thugs he has set upon us such as we are experiencing now will continue unless this corrupt, organized criminal oligarchy that is our Congress is replaced with new members that are still not whored to the banksters on Wall Street, the Pentagon and the siren song of Global governance that both Obama, Romney and many if not all of the Ruling Class banksters and transnational corporations lust for.

Voters had better get a copy of our Constitution and study both Article I; the Congress and Article II; the Executive Branch to see who has the power to control who.

And remember this; Global governance is the end of US sovereignty the two cannot coexist as Globalism is treason. Americans are either adherents and believers in the US Constitution or they are in fact traitors. There is no other alternative. There is no such thing as being a “little bit pregnant.”

The author Steve McCann is obviously a shill for the Romney campaign and deliberately misleading the public in presenting Romney as an alternative to the globalist traitor Obama and the Global government entities he represents, as any differences in their imperial leadership and agenda is minuscule and in fact nonexistent.

Both want the US transformed into some sort of corporate, global monarchy where the rest of us become their serfs and slaves. That is why they want the ill informed to concentrate on the presidential race instead of the Congress, which BTW are the only directly elected government officials in the United States. Presidents are chosen by electors of the several states and chosen (the electors) by the parties. McCann is misleading us.

Dear Congressman

This letter should be sent by at least 50 million Americans to their Congressman.

Dear Sen./Cong.__________,

Please launch an immediate large scale air campaign and ground invasion of those nuclear terrorists in Iran as Israel insists on it. They are after all, an existential threat to the state of Israel, even though they pose no threat whatsoever to the rest of the civilized world. That’s the world (the civilized one) that doesn’t bomb, kill and invade other Middle Eastern and European countries seeking regime change.

There will be a problem however for you lawmakers and heads of state like President Obama and PM Cameron when they try to explain how the massive retaliation by Iran destroyed most of Israel and caused a major nuclear incident when an Iranian retaliatory missile strike destroyed the Negev nuclear reactor at Dimona and Israel’s nuclear weapons repository, causing a massive nuclear incident that most likely will destroy Israel and incinerate couple of million Israelis. Good luck on that.

And then of Course the Congress and Obama will have to explain to the American people how the Iranians sank at least one US aircraft carrier and numerous other capital warships with an anti-ship cruise missile defense network that has no known defense against it, resulting in the deaths of thousands of American seamen and Marines and of hundreds of billions of dollars in material battle losses.

Then of course you members of congress will have to explain how all of our US bases in the Gulf region were hit with a massive Iranian MRBM counterattack as result of Israel’s initial strike, destroying many of them and killing thousands more American servicemen stationed at them.

Come to think of it, you lawmakers may see your congressional shelf life expire immediately after an attack on Iran and the lot of you guys may have to start looking for a hole to climb into for your own safety. It will probably be the end of any President’s or Prime Minister’s time in office also.

Maybe that is what our country needs is an entirely new political class elected that will abide by their oaths to the US Constitution and adherence to international law and a return of the America to the Nation’s (however mythical that may have been) past glory of freedom and equality and a powerhouse of economic success.

So by all means Sen/Cong.__________start the air and ground campaign against Iran immediately. We will not wait around for your letters of resignation as you will not have time to write them. Best wishes in the new country you will have to find in order to hide from the rest of us. Your hides won’t be worth much if you stay here.

Truly yours,

etc. etc. etc.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Couldn't make the cut anyway

It was indeed an unpopular war fought mostly by draftees, nine million of them as I recall. The arrogance of the majority of our generation that deliberately avoided serving was/is breathtaking.

I have news for all the ones that thought they were too important or too candyassed to serve, you most likely were not even sufficiently fit, mentally, physically or morally to have served. Only ten to fifteen percent of the males between 18 and 24 could have made the cut to serve our country. I know because I was one the guys that screened and tested them.

Most of us were told we were fighting for our our country and their freedom, OMG where have we heard that before? The fact is we were had! They took advantage of our patriotism and our youthful trust in government. That was a mistake that will not happen again.

Vietnam was the start of the Neocon inspired, corporate wars, at least for my generation anyway. The all volunteer, corporate mercenary forces of today were born back then in 1972 and so was the slide into despotism.

The ones that hated us most back then were from our own generation, draft dodging traitors like Dick Cheney and Bill Clinton and even GW Bush, that felt they had "more important things to do" and sniffed contemptuously at the "lower classes", that were compelled because of their social class to serve in uniform.

The other half were the flag waving morons that still think we should have "nuked em" or that we could have won if we wouldn't have had so many restrictions on killing more of the enemy. We killed three million of them and if we could just have killed another three million we could have won goes that fools premise.

The WWII guys called us losers and said we lost the War or that Vietnam wasn't "a real war." Every time someone says to we Vietnam vets, what can only be construed as insincere, "thank you for your service," Well I won't say how it makes me feel.
We were the convenient scapegoats for a failed policy of the Washington think tank war mongers and of course their defense contractor pals, that have brought us the destruction of our country for fun and profit today.

The one percent that have profited handsomely from looting America, killing off it's healthy male children and of course the segment of American Useful Idiots that worship and serve the one percent are the real traitors and should live in a country like the Soviet Union. Perhaps that is why these guys are trying so hard to turn America into a carbon copy of Stalin's USSR.

Reinstate a draft, by all means and do include females given all the equality they demand and no exemptions. You creme puffs can go to college after you serve your country. But most of all the wealthy elite that could afford to buy or bribe their way out of serving their country will have to learn some discipline. Let's see how many more wars they want to start when they will literally have some "skin in the game."

Not to worry though, most of this generation couldn't make the cut anyway, mentally, physically or morally. Today's recruiters and draft boards would be lucky to find ten percent of qualified, military age applicants if the standards of the sixties were once again used.

Let's stat a petition to reinstate the draft. They have retained all the the mechanisms for the draft the Draft Board and Registrations, so why not use them?