Sunday, December 16, 2012

Drugs not Guns; What is ADD?

It's starting to look more and more like this kid Lanza was/has been strung out on drugs since he was a kid going to that same elementary school. CBS News said this morning he had mental problems back then as a child and his mother even pulled him out of school for home schooling when the school system would not “address” his psychological disorders and subsequently a huge conflict arose between the family and the school system.

These types of disputes usually surface when the school nurse diagnoses a child with ADD and the school mandates that as a condition of attendance or a court order for child abuse, the child must be medicated with Ritalin or one of the other addictive, psychotropic stimulants to treat his mental disorder.
These drugs are highly addictive and once on them does permanent damage to brain functions and alters irrevocably the body’s ability to produce melatonin for healthy mood functions. The kids turn into psychotics with suicidal urges and violence against others. The schools medical staff and drug companies know this and is even required that this be “Black Boxed” on the drug packaging but there is way too much money to be made by forcing millions of these kids and also adults I’ve read to become hooked on this shit.

The answer, as was evident on the morning talking head propaganda outlets, was of course Gun Control and abolishing assault weapons even though the kid used two handguns in his rampage. One asshole congressman said we don’t know what to do but. and this is the classic pandering remark, “We must do something” to stop this kind of gun violence i.e. gun control. What a tool!

Not a word about the drugging of this kid since elementary school although it was hinted he was being treated for an unspecified mental disorder. Obama and Clinton share many commonalities but none so obvious as the ghoulish desire for these types of murderous rampages to try and implement the progressive wet dream of an unarmed, helpless US population. So Obama and his fellow global commie travelers will now use this terrible incident as his pal Clinton had done numerous times (there were numerous school shootings during Clinton’s time in office by kids strung out on this shit Ritalin etc) to push through all manner of gun bans and restrictions on ammunition capacity.

Americans must take some kind counter PR action to stop this continuing cycle of the pharmaceuticals and the school systems producing drug altered, psychotic killers that can be used as political justification i.e. Rahm Emmanuel’s “Never let a good catastrophe go to waste” method of imposing laws that violate not only 2nd Amendment rights but our civil rights and liberties as well.

The drugging of millions of elementary school boys to control them and to keep them from acting as normal health boys do so as to make them “more manageable” profits the pharmaceutical companies in the billions of dollars. This must be stopped and their accomplices in the educational system must be held accountable and criminally prosecuted for these mass murders and the murderers that commit them.

This kid could have just as easily broke into that school and hacked twenty children to death with a machete as with his handguns. That happens fairly regularly in third world African villages. Would the crime be any less heinous if a ball bat was used by a psychotic that was forced to use mind altering drugs most of his short life, I think not.

The incidence of poisoning and destroying our children with psychotropic, mind altering drugs must stop. There has to be a line drawn between free market capitalism profit taking and the ultimate destruction of generations of our children. The school systems are not in existence reeducate mankind and transform though systematic drugging, a version of a new feminized, global male. These are the progressive zealot’s wet dreams and their misguided government’s unintended consequences. Mass murderers and must never again be used as grist for the evil political charlatan’s opportunist’s mills. They have to be stopped from further destruction of our American society as we know it.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Circular Logic

1. October 3rd, 2012 at 8:50 am

This is the same tactic used by the pigs when they (3 or more) have some poor bastard on the ground, tuning him up with nightsticks, boots and fists. When the poor guy tries to cover his face or other parts of his body from the beating, he is then charged with resisting arrest and assault on police officers and beaten even more severely.

This turns logic on its head but that is what they want.

If you believe the government is screwing you over, which they are, you are then a terrorist and more harsh measures of oppression must be applied. This is the circular logic of psychopaths and sociopaths that have usurped the powers of the government and the badge. Their hubris, like their lack of any conscience is undeterred except by the use of extreme and violent force used as resistance. There is no reasoning or bargaining with such sick individuals. If killing millions of individuals will accomplish their goals they will do it without hesitation.

One thing I have concluded though is that these sociopaths do have a measure of realist philosophy that slows them down If they feel they may suffer harm or destruction by attempting to attack a target that has the ability to fight back successfully. They may hesitate and even abandon their initial attack in light of the fact they are mostly cowards with self preservation their ultimate goal.

However, it would only be a temporary setback to them until such time as they could somehow scheme a way to mitigate the danger to themselves while carrying out one of their seek and destroy missions.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Clean out the Rats from our Congress. (and Whitehouse)

From the look of things, Mitt Romney is such a weak and corrupt candidate that his nomination has all but guaranteed Obama second term. This is nothing but a replay of the John McCain fiasco that they ran against Obama and the Bob Dole candidacy that put Clinton back in the Whitehouse for four more years. The presidential Election/Nomination process is rigged and so are the elections. Remember, Presidential elections are not determined by popular vote, but by electors in each individual state that comprise the Electoral College. But your Congressman is directly elected. So get over thinking the presidential election is the will of the people and that it is going to make a difference. It will not.

The Congress has willingly relinquished its power to the executive over the last few decades, illegally I might add, the executive has not been taking it (Congressional Power) from them. Congress has been a cooperative accomplice in destroying the US for profit and their own power in some sort of global government scheme. Every time I hear; well, it is a global economy I want to gag as a global economy means Global Government. However, anything that was given by the crooks in Congress can be taken back by them with the force of law if need be. That is what the Congressional impeachment process is for and the fact that the Congress is a tribunal only second to the Supreme Court, which BTW seems to have it’s own set of identity problems The Congress can try any president it deems necessary and proper and our present pretender to the Oval Office is long overdue his impeachment.

The two parties, Democrat, Republican are irreversibly corrupt and have been inbred to the point of breeding insane offspring with absolutely no difference between the two criminal syndicates. They are in league with this president regardless of what that lying piece of shit Boehner says while huffing and puffing about repealing Obamacare and snickering under his breath on how they got over on the rubes (Americans) once again. The latest vote to overturn Obamacare was pure dog and pony show intended to placate the weak minded Republican drones and piss off the Obamanite Democrat true believers in Hope and Change out in flyover country.

What is the answer you say? Well first anyone that still swears allegiance to one or the other of these two communist infested, Wall Street bought and paid for, global criminal parties is a few bricks short of a load. Haven’t these two parties screwed us Americans over enough by playing us like a giant Wurlitzer pipe organ? Worked the “good cop, bad cop” terrorists are everywhere, game on us enough already? Have they not taken away our freedoms bit by bit while telling us they are protecting us? But most of all, haven’t both of these criminal organizations killed enough of our finest young men and women in wars that the Founding Fathers warned us never to become involved in?

The leadership from both these organized crime syndicates, Boehner and Reid probably laugh their asses off at how dumb the American voter must be for them to be able to get a way with game they have been running on us for so long.

Voting everyone of these Organized Crime members in Congress out that have served more two terms is a start. We could do with a lot more of Joe the Plumber and Mike the Carpenter type lawmakers that would really represent us instead of lawyers on the payroll of Wall Street bankers and Globalist one worlders that think the nation state (in particular the United States) should be destroyed in favor of some sort of one world government run out of London, with Obama as one of the Global prime ministers and his criminal accomplices from the Chicago mob.

The Founding Fathers did not conceive this government as a (for profit) corporation. When you hear candidates for any public office spouting their extraordinary business acumen look out. All that means is they are going to make a profit alright, by extracting it from your pockets. And when they make the rules, it gives the saying "buyer beware" new meaning. Even Clinton and Gore would make reference to how we were all their "customers" when in fact were were nothing more to them than willful employees at best and servants or slaves at worst, sheep to be shorn by the mighty elite in the federal government.
When the bunch of them get together at their Council on Foreign Relations or Bilderberg confabs (and everyone in the Whitehouse and much of Congress belongs to these global crime syndicates,) to scheme up another “pearl Harbor incident” that will further their cause of global governance, they are committing High Treason as their goal(s) are to do away with every sovereign nation state on the planet and transform the world to global governance. Those of you that scoff at this had better start reading up on what these guys in our own government are about. Everyone of them to a man (or woman) is scheming to get rid of our Constitution and every other nation State's Constitution that hinders their free reign of looting and enslaving those nations.

There are suitable replacement candidates from a myriad of independent, Constitutionalist, libertarian and other parties to get rid of the criminal gridlock that the two major parties, you know, the two parties that have had control for the last hundred years and that have screwed the American people for every one of them, to replace these criminals and bought and paid for whores that have given Obama just about everything he has wanted and then some.

Republican and Democrat organized crime syndicates such as the ones in control of both Houses of Congress will make sure that it will not matter if Obama and or Romney win.

If the Congress is not replaced with real representatives of the people and not Wall Street and the European Union Bankers and communists, it will not matter a farthing whom the president is, America will be lost and we will all become impoverished slaves, except for our slave masters of course in Washington, Wall Street and London of course.

Congress has in it vested all the lawmaking power, not the president. Read Article I of our US Constitution if there are any doubts about who in government has the power in the three branches of government. And it is'nt’t the Executive. Congress has illegally and unlawfully relinquished much of its enumerated and delegated authority to the President and has allowed this executive criminal to rule by executive order, which by the way can be overturned (executive orders) by a simple majority vote of the Congress.

It stands to reason therefore, that the same Congress, with a simple majority vote, can take back all the power from a president that they have illegally relinquished to him. This president in particular believes he is some sort of African Tribal Chief and that he rules the world.

If Congress is not overhauled and this bunch of corrupt lifetime members of Congress from both criminal parties is not cashiered, the balance of power in government not restored to its rightful and legal balance; the America we grew up in will be gone forever. It barely resembles the country we grew up in now.

It is obvious the bunch of lawmakers we have had in office for decades have no stomach or the backbone and integrity to abide by the oaths of office they swore to uphold. Those bags of hundred dollar bills they get handed to the under the table are just too tempting. Get rid of them all and their stooge(s) in the Whitehouse.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Obamacare, welfare for the Insurance Industry

We have in these United States at present, a working single payer medical insurance system that is completely capable of giving quality medical (and Dental) care to everyone that needs it and can’t afford to be ripped off by our sacred cow, private health insurance mafia organized criminals. It is called MediCare and it is flush with cash that has ben extracted from each one of our paychecks for decades. In some instances, more money is withheld for MediCare than fed withholding taxes. Just remove the words from the law that states “Must be 65 years old” and voila, a single payer system that has already proven it works and can deliver the health care product at a fraction of the Obama care ripoff. Medicare fraud you say? That's brought to you by the same privatized, deregulated health care industry that will be ripping us off with Obama's blessings. Lock those crooks up pronto.

Obama and our friends in both the Republican and Democrat party want to make sure that Medicare is killed as it is the only real alternative to being raped by our deregulated and privatized Health care insurance mafia. That is why they are going to defund Medicare to the tune of a half trillion dollars, (now that doesn’t sound like a system that is broke to me) to pay off their pals in the healthcare and insurance industries by directing by mandate, 30 million new customers to them.

The same goes for Social Security as the stinking banker Jews at Goldman Sachs were promised the two or three trillion dollars in the SS Trust Fund when the lying stinking crooks in our Congress turn that over to them in order to privatized and deregulate that also.

Yes that is the way our organized crime government/corporate organized crime syndicates operate, deregulate and privatize.
That is why we have this gargantuan ripoff called ObamaCare. America, get your heads out of your asses!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Whores and Geldings

Is anyone starting to get it yet?

It is this corrupt Congress that has, in violation of their own oaths, rubber stamped most all of the Executive Branch’s abuses of delegated and enumerated power and ridiculed the Congress by ignoring them in the process. Most of which are impeachable offenses.

These senators and Congressmen have allowed the feminists, civil rights groups and all manner of communist and globalist factions to castrate them.

They then, as the geldings they now, have whored themselves to corporate America and allowed the likes of Obama, Bush, Clinton to keep them around as their bitches as long as they allow the president to do as he damn well pleases as one can see while reading the entire article above.

If Romney should take over for Obama it won’t make a damn bit of difference as each president since Reagan has pushed the envelop of presidential abuse and usurpation of power further and further, something prohibited by the Constitution and their oaths of office.

We now have a virtual dictatorship in the Obama presidency because Congress refuses to assert it’s Constitutionally, delegated and enumerated powers to stop him.

This collection of geldings and whores that infest both Houses and both parties will give him and the next president everything he wants as they have not the nuts to stop him.

I cannot over stress the importance in getting rid of all of them this November and replacing them with Joe the Plumber, Bob the mechanic and a couple of hundred honest working people to represent their people back home the way the Founding Fathers intended.

If the voters do not heed my, and millions of other’s warnings, they will be responsible for destroying our country and deliviering it into the hands of the NWO.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Total House (of Congress) Cleaning

March 25th, 2012 at 5:53 pm

I hope everyone realizes that if these Congressmen and senators are all returned this November at the usual 97% reelection rate we are all fucked.

Unless the House of Representatives and the Senate are purged of every member that has served more than two consecutive terms (meaning they are total whores to Wall Street banksters and the Global Fascist commies) it will be business as usual.

Obama just may get reelected with the likes of Romney being the opposition candidate (kind of like the brain addled McCain running last time) and this Congress does not have the balls or the inclination to impeach this traitor or even stop him if he decides to start WWIII.

Obama has literally gotten away with murder, treason, theft in office by paying off his pals in banking and Wall Street with our treasury. Looting the country as a whole, spying and violating almost every one of our Bill of Rights. Add to that war crimes and possible genocide, contempt of Congress and this guy doesn’t even care a farthing for the rule of law or the Constitution.

Now when your Congressman and Senators sit there and say and do nothing and allow this illegal immigrant traitor and foreign agent just to do as he damn well pleases, well it’s time to get yourselves some new lawmakers. And not the kind cut from the same Ivy League, wall street bankster criminal cloth we have been sending to Washington.

Time for some non lawyer, honest working stiffs to represent us. What the hell, Dubya could hardly put a coherent sentence together and he was elected president. He probably wouldn’t have made a good plumber either.

I think there’s a place in Washington for 435 Joe the Plumbers or any other guys that knows what it means to raise a family and live on a budget. Not the guys like Romney that tell us how they know all about meeting a payroll by screwing their employees out of their benefits.

I’ll say it again, if the same bunch is returned to Congress this Fall, we’re fucked

Sunday, March 11, 2012


March 10th, 2012 at 3:24 pm

The reality is the sheeple will lay low until the wolves find them and eat them.

The sheeple are stupid fucks that will sit there in the open and pretend (as they have always done) that the wolves (government) would never do anything as brutal as eat them alive. That is what makes them prey, easy prey.

Sometimes the wolves fuck up and attempt to eat prey that have real big fangs and claws (like armed patriots) and get their heads handed to them.

Many time the wolves decide it isn’t worth the risk and back down. They are mainly fucking cowardly pigs that like to dress up and think of themselves as wolves.

Case in point. The Branch Davidians had the entire ATF assault team trapped behind the row of cars they were using for cover after pulling back from the original dynamic entry assault. They never expected Koresh’s men to put up such an effective defense when they tried to enter the building.

The assault force lost momentum and were now out of ammunition and only had one way to retreat or resupplied, a two hundred yard open field at their backs.

The Branch Davidian defenders made a tactical and strategic error when they let those ATF maggots walk out there with a cease fire.They would be alive today if they would have taken them prisoner after issuing the ultimatum to surrender. The ATF would have had no alternative, either surrender or die. They shot those black suited gestapo up pretty badly and most of the fight was out of them. The helicopter that tried to shoot into the building initially was hit with 50 cal from the Koresh’s two Barret light fifties and beat a hasty retreat.

The ATF scum were luckier than six peckered billy goats that the Branch Davidian’s still thought there was an actual government in power than honored the Constitution. We all know better now, don’t we!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Three stooges as mad bombers

Just watched a Senate Armed Services committee hearing on Syria with McCain, Lieberman and Lindsey Graham with the other asshole members of the committee questioning Sec Def Panetta and the Chair, Joint Chiefs Gen Dempsey. Discussing or should say rather attempting to lie their way into a Syrian military intervention that the US public would buy. What a pack of lying no good son of a bitches.

It was clear from the start that these senators were trying to get Dempsey and Pannetta to agree with them on the whole “Assad is slaughtering his helpless people and there is no outside terrorist intervention funded by the West and in particular the USA. Dempsey (and Pannetta) shucked and jived when questioned directly and would not give straight answers to whether air strikes against the Syrian Army were doable and in fact Dempsey pointed out that the Syrian air defenses were 5 times more sophisticated and in numbers than Qaddafi had in Lybia and ten times more than they had in Serbia. For the record, we lost over two hundred aircraft bombing Serbia and Kosovo in 1999. When asked about the Russian’s involvement in Syria and the Russian naval base there, and Russian weapon deliveries, Dempsey would only answer those questions from the war mongering senators in so-called “Closed Sessions.”

Can’t have the Americans (whom this bunch of assholes were mugging the cameras and playing to the ignorance of the average US citizen, find out about all the Russian S-300 advanced air defense systems installed and operated by the Russians. Or the task force of Russian guided missile frigates and destroyers operating Syrian waters, 30 or forty new Russian combat aircraft or the Yakhonts, supersonic anti-ship missiles that can hit a ship almost two hundred miles away that the Syrians are now manning, just waiting for a US Carrier or other capitol ship to get within range.

No these assholes in the Senate in Particular and Washington in general think we are all as stupid as they are. If they think this theatrical bullshit show they put on Wednesday is going to convince the intelligent segment of the US population that we ought to be bombing and invading Syria and Iran right now, they are not only stupid but delusional.

Anybody hear about those babies being thrown out of their incubators onto the tile, hospital floors lately?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Road to Defeat

The Russians are never going to let the US/UK Israeli axis cross the “Bridge Too Far” so to speak. The Russians know they are being directly threatened by the US controlled NATO countries and are being encircled with lethal offensive missile systems disguised as defensive anti-missile batteries.

This is what caused the Cuban Missile crisis in 1962 as the US installed Pershing II Nuclear Missiles in Turkey and the Russians went berserk. They countered by installing Nuke MRBMs in Cuba.

I have no reason to believe that they feel any different about our phony ABMs encircling Russia now. The Bear is very very dangerous when cornered and that is what we and our toadies in Europe do not seem to understand.

Syria will not be left to fall to the US and EU. Turkey is on Iran’s missile targeting as the Turks have allowed key components of the US ABM installation to be installed and also the US base at Incerlik (sp) is also on the Iranian target list.

The Russians have a number of very lethal warships plying the waters off the coast of Iran and I also understand that their attack aircraft carrier with a full contingent of SU-33 top line fighter aircraft is steaming on station there. No US carrier based aircraft are a match for the SU-33 in performance or weapons. F/A 18s would not stand a chance against the the SU-33, a naval version of the SU-27 Flanker D that out performed the best US F-15s we could build a few years ago. Russia also has a large contingent of Marines at the Syrian Naval base and a couple of companies of Russian Spetznats are also standing by at a Black Sea base to be airlifted to Syria if need be.

These guys aren’t playing bean bag as they are in it for all the marbles. Russia’s very survival is at stake and they will respond in the very same way they did to the Nazis when they were attacked by them. It’s in their nature.

I believe China will be Russia’s backup if the shit hits the fan as China has hundreds of billions invested in Iran’s oil and gas fields. They also know that Syria is the gateway to attacking Iran if Syria falls to the same forces that destroyed Lybia and killed Qaddaffi. If energy coming from Iran to China is interrupted, the Chinese will go to war over it as they consider energy a national security issue. Just as the Japanese did and responded with an attack on Pearl Harbor. The neocon war mongers in Washington (Lindsey Graham, John McCain and the other megalomaniacs) along with the Obama crime syndicate are heading the US into certain disaster and most likely a humiliating military defeat if they are not stopped.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The End of NATO

NATO is finished as a Global Offensive force controlled by the US. The other European members do not have the stomach nor the will to be America's Centurions any longer and especially if it means squaring off against a nuclear armed Russia.

NATO's lackluster performance in Afghanistan should be a definitive indicator. They (NATO troops)prefer to stay behind in safe areas and provide humanitarian and reconstruction aid. That is why we have had to send in more US Marines and other US troops for front line combat duty.

NATO was conceived as a counter to the Warsaw Pact after WWII. When the Soviet Union ceased to exist, and by default the Warsaw Pact, so did NATO's mission. There existed no further use for an Atlantic Alliance to defend against a non existent Soviet invasion through the Fulda Gap, the gateway to Western Europe. Horrors, what to do with all the military bureaucracy, all that hardware, all that lost business for US Defense contractors. All those generals and other fat a$$ bureaucrats with nothing to do.

Clinton and his bunch of Global commie monarchs saw and seized on an opportunity to keep those general's paychecks coming and have themselves a nifty global army at their disposal, to do good in the World of course.
Albright, Holbrook, Rubins and I'm sure all of their Republican (and Democrat) NeoCon cronies, also thought it would be a great Idea to have a global army that the US could use to carry out their world domination schemes (while doing good). Let's do Kosovo says they. It looked good on paper but in truth, the Serbs were not that easy to crush. The US and NATO lost over two hundred, that's right, two hundred combat aircraft and rescue helicopters over Kosovo and Serbia and an unknown number human military casualties.

Some were shot down in Serbia and Kosovo proper, others crashed in Bosnia, Macedonia or Greece and numerous others crashed/ditched in the Mediterranean. Other US and Allied aircraft that made it back to the NATO airbase in Aviano Italy were so shot up they had to be scrapped. This is why the US Air Force had to institute a six month "Stand Down" to lick their wounds while Clinton and their cohorts tried to put the NATO Alliance back together again.

But it was never the same. The European members paid a heavy price for allowing the US to bully them into attacking Kosovo and Serbia proper. Seeing that unlike Americans, European learning curves are relatively high. I predict it will be close to impossible to strong-arm them (with the possible exception to the morons in Britain and some of the Baltic States) to join together in global crusade to punish Russia for the same if not less offensive, deeds of the Bush clowns and Israel of course.

So all of you true believers out there that want a robust response to this horrible aggression of a sovereign state by the evil empire from NATO you better not hold your breath. The US will have to do its own dirty work this time and I don't believe we/they are packing the gear.

Monday, February 20, 2012

ringo stark Reply:

February 18th, 2012 at 8:19 pm

you stupid fack, you have no idea on what you’re spewing. The US will not bankrupt as they hold the reserve currency which gives them a license to print. What have you done for your country? nothing, you sat here and criticized a country that has given you freedom and given you opportunities that iraq, iran and every other arab nation would only dream of…instead of taking advantage you whine and cry, look around you stupid fack, the most successful people in the US are mostly immigrants, why you ask? Because they can recognize an opportunity when they see one.

none Reply:

February 19th, 2012 at 1:09 pm

The most successful people are the ones that have been fucking the American people for three or more decades. Where the hell have you been?

Goldman Sachs has had control of our government (economy) for forty years and have been looting our economy with the help of the last four administrations. Wall street and and their corporate industrialist whores have made sure that fifty thousand US manufacturing plants have been closed down and outsourced to third world cesspools for slave labor along with close to ten million high wage manufacturing jobs. And don’t give anyone that global economy bullshit. The US does not need one single thing from the fucking “Global Economy.”

We can grow enough food to feed the world. We have energy supplies that rival or surpass the Middle East and Russia. We have millions of highly educated and skilled scientists , engineers and an educated skilled workforce. We don’t neeed no stinking global economy for us to prosper and once again be a world leader in manufacturing and technical accomplishment.

Unfortunately we also have a completely corrupt federal government and a fascist corporate empire that has wet dreams about ruling the world and the US becoming just a another vassal state in the global plantation. Fuck them!

You must be smoking some real good shit or are delusional or just maybe one of the evil bastards that have been fucking the rest of us. At any rate, go screw yourself.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ohio's Defense Forces

The State of Ohio has it’s forces divided into the Organized and Unorganized Militia components.
The Organized Militia is the Ohio National Guard, the Ohio Naval Militia and the (Ohio) State Defense Forces, (an unpaid, volunteer reserve force that trains with the National Guard and may receive some supplemental state funding or supplies/equipment).

The Unorganized Militia consisted of all (other) able bodied residents of Ohio, between the ages of 17 and 67, supply their own equipment and elects it’s officers from their own ranks.
The Unorganized Militia can be as a last resort, called to active duty by the governor of the state in times of invasion or insurrection according to the state Constitution.

These forces unfortunately were the “evil militia” that were blamed for all manner of lawlessness and even terrorism by the media, the stooges at the Southern Poverty Law center and the Clinton administration.

Until Perpich, State governors were and still are, Commander and Chief of the National Guard of their States and were a defense against the abuses of the federal government and a large standing federal army. Perpich allows the US to federalize otherwise state National Guard forces by the same type of half assed federal authority that gives the president the authority to unilaterally declare war on other countries without Congressional consent. Both are unconstitutional, Supreme Court notwithstanding.

In an example of this Governor’s, Commander and Chief’s authority, the governor of Louisiana refused to give the command of the Louisiana National Guard to Bush right after Katrina. Many of the LA National Guard Units that were in Iraq (as was their equipment) had been federalized and deployed. The remaining Louisiana Guard was still under the governor’s command as C I C. Likewise when the National Guard units deployed return to their respective states the will once again be under the control of their Commander In Chief, the Governor.

The Perpich decision was just another usurpation of state’s sovereignty and the governor’s authority over their own forces

The state Constitutions were not amended by the Perpich decision but the lines were definitely blurred as to who has the the ultimate control of the Organized Militia, the State’s own National Guard. This falls into the federalization of state law enforcement also.