Monday, February 2, 2015

Why Are We Not Surprised?


What is surprising is that very few people have made the connection between what our military and clandestine intelligence agencies sanctions and commits here and abroad under the color of law, and how our domestic law enforcement agencies use as standard operating procedures.
Torture, assassination, abductions, false imprisonment, extra judicial executions has had a terrible influence on our local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Extraordinary Rendition programs and the torture that goes on in place like Bagram in Afghanistan, Abu Graihb in Iraq and Guantanamo along with hundreds of other Black sites around the world has been going on with at least three Administration's approvals, and by virtue of what they call mission creep has even spread to our domestic law enforcement practices, with hefty funding from our Congress.

By virtue of its clandestine nature committed at aptly named black sites, the people at large and in the US especially
have been kept ignorant about these evil practices until only a few days ago.

But the other operatives of the government, law enforcement, the courts and the privatized prison system, must deal directly with the general public and cannot hide the brutality, murder, torture, false imprisonment and summary executions (much of it even committed by paid contractors), that our other government security operatives have hidden from public scrutiny by the highest level of authority up to and including the Oval Office for decades and only until recently have been exposed by a Senate investigation..

But make no mistake, these cops would, if given the opportunity, would dutifully operate death camps for pay at those clandestine government black sites, they would look at it no differently than the psychopaths that operated Stalin's extermination Gulags and Hitler's death camps. All one has to do is look at our local cop's behavior to know that to be true.

The cops that get all orgasmic about crashing through your door and killing you and your family members and your pets also are all cut from the same cloth. Only they cannot commit their crimes in secret as they can and do at black sites under the cover of "national security" and a compliant media cover up.

They must commit their criminal brutality and executions in public and after the recent expose on our government's sorry history of legalizing torture, murder, and other forms of thuggery, is it any wonder our cops, meant to protect us act in the same way as their masters in Washington expect of them?

But with a rigged justice and legal system and corruption that goes all the way up to the Oval office, what have they got to lose? Especially with cheerleaders and accomplices like Eric Holder heading up the Justice dept and now his female successor, a real piece of work, which I have no doubt will be confirmed by our newly elected Republican majority it will be business as usual.