Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If You're Looking for Change, Forget It!

How Ironic, the very presidential candidates that are promising to cure all of our ills, are the very people that caused them.

As members of Congress they are responsible for every bad trade deal, every war, every flawed pork barrel budget, the unprecedented expansion of executive power and last but not least, the total deregulation of the business sector that is now bleeding the economy and this country's working people white.

The good citizens should take the time to read our Constitution, paricularly Articles I an II.
Article I spells out the vast powers of the Congress, powers that dwarf that of the President's as spelled out in Article II. It is the Congress after all the has the lion's share of power in order to keep the president from aspiring to emperor status.

For the last thirty years and before, Congress has been quietly expanding the power of the executive to something akin to an emperor. This steady creep of the imperial presidency has been enthusiastically, and I might add, unconstitutionally proceeding with the complicity of both major parties. One wants to gag when you hear the word "Change" uttered by these phonies. The only change Americans will see is the change from Constitutional Republic into a banana republic.
The Congress however, is mindful to take care they do not relinquish all their power, just enough to be able to blame the president for their misdeeds although this president most assuredly deserves it. Congress' power to impeach and remove from office the president remains in their hands.

The Founders took great care to ensure that members of the House were required to stand for reelection every two years while the Senate stood for reelection every six. This was meant reduce the tendency to concentrate power in any one single branch of government.
Being a Member of Congress was never meant to be a career stretching decades, lest members became career politicians, a danger to liberty. There was no requirement for parties either, no matter how many there were.

Our brand of Republican and Democrat career members of Congress have born out the fears of the Founders. Whomever takes over the Oval Office will be nothing but an instrument of the continuation of the destruction of the United States. A transformation of a free republic into just another impoverished member of the global plantation. The same destruction elitists have been conspiring to accomplish since the end of World WarII. A vote for either party's candidates will simply be business as usual. The continued destruction of the United States and the descent into the third world.

If the American voter is stupid enough to reelect the same bunch of organized crime figures,(members of Congress) that have infested the halls of Congress for these last decades, then they will deserve exactly what they get. The largest banana republic on the planet and the impoverished slavery that goes along with it..

Monday, February 4, 2008

Time to Throw the Rascals Out 2 Feb, 2008

Surveys have shown that almost two thirds of the American electorate claim "Independent" credentials rather than subscribing to the entrenched Republican or Democratic party preference. Unfortunately these Americans have few choices when it comes to casting their votes.
Many if not most state's primary elections will permit only registered voters from the two major parties to participate, leaving Independent voters little choice but to stay home or hold their noses and vote for the lesser of two evils.
This would explain why there are so few Independents in both Houses of Congress. Independent candidates have been effectively locked out by a sufficiently unfair nomination process.

The (Independent) voter has little representation in Congress, while the major party's entrenched members pander to the select few, the one third of the electorate that consider themselves "true believers."

Both parties have systematically provided for our country's incremental destruction, socially and economically, by abdicating their powers under the Constitution to the President, giving him almost unlimited powers. President Bush and his cronies likes to refer to this power grab as the "Unitary Executive theory.

Congress has abdicated its oversight responsibilities and allowed an out of control Executive to run up huge deficits, declare war, commit war crimes and most of all, hold in contempt, the Constitution of the United States. Both parties have given this president almost unlimited power in contravention Article I, Section 8 and Article II, Presidential powers of the US Constitution.

It will be of little consequence as to which party's candidate is elected to the presidency, as it will be business as usual if the same Congress is returned.
The Founding Fathers were adamant in their conviction, that an Executive, unrestrained by Congress, would simply replicate another monarch.

What the founders did not take into consideration is that the Congress could just as easily become as corrupt as any monarch as they have demonstrated today.
They simply did not comprehend the penchant for corruption of 20th century members of Congress or the Executive. To arrogate their delegated and enumerated powers to the President, as the last twenty or thirty Congress' have done was simply unimaginable, not to mention a serious violation of the oath of office and other numerous impeachable offenses.

An important new report by the libertarian Cato Institute ( "Power Surge: The Constitutional Record of George W. Bush" is an unblinking 28-page analysis of our slow devolution into autocracy. Its message can be summed up with this quote:
"Under (the president's) sweeping theory of executive power, the liberty of every American rests on nothing more than the grace of the White House."

The real ringleaders however, are the entrenched members of the Congressional leadership. They have mastered the art of behind the scenes manipulation of the public, the rank and file membership, and the executive branch. They have made sure that the President can serve only two terms while they enjoy unrestricted tenure in their respective houses. They control the President's budget and the Pentagon's.
The Congress has become the ultimate king maker with the complicity of both party's leadership. In short, the President serves at their pleasure and not the other way around.
When there is Congressional overreach, as in the Iraq "Authorization to Use Force" debacle, it is disguised as the Commander and Chief's misguided handling of the continuing "War Against Terror." When Congress gives up their power to declare War on the word of known liars like Ahmed Chalabi, a traitor to his own country. Allows the president to do as he pleases in violation of the Nuremberg Crime of Agression ruling, attacking a sovereign country, and then blames the executive for the war, now that's skillful, Congressional manipulation.

The Congress, if it had a mind to, could in fact bring the Pentagon and even the Presidential cabal of Cheney, and the Likud party's illegal influence on our government to rapid halt. The whole bunch and their fantasyland ambitions of democratizing (conquering) the entire Middle East.

But the Congress will not because the half baked scheme to dominate the world and concurrently transform the United States into the world's largest Banana Republic I fear, most likely originated in some House and/or Senate cloak room and not in the Oval Office.