Monday, April 23, 2012

Whores and Geldings

Is anyone starting to get it yet?

It is this corrupt Congress that has, in violation of their own oaths, rubber stamped most all of the Executive Branch’s abuses of delegated and enumerated power and ridiculed the Congress by ignoring them in the process. Most of which are impeachable offenses.

These senators and Congressmen have allowed the feminists, civil rights groups and all manner of communist and globalist factions to castrate them.

They then, as the geldings they now, have whored themselves to corporate America and allowed the likes of Obama, Bush, Clinton to keep them around as their bitches as long as they allow the president to do as he damn well pleases as one can see while reading the entire article above.

If Romney should take over for Obama it won’t make a damn bit of difference as each president since Reagan has pushed the envelop of presidential abuse and usurpation of power further and further, something prohibited by the Constitution and their oaths of office.

We now have a virtual dictatorship in the Obama presidency because Congress refuses to assert it’s Constitutionally, delegated and enumerated powers to stop him.

This collection of geldings and whores that infest both Houses and both parties will give him and the next president everything he wants as they have not the nuts to stop him.

I cannot over stress the importance in getting rid of all of them this November and replacing them with Joe the Plumber, Bob the mechanic and a couple of hundred honest working people to represent their people back home the way the Founding Fathers intended.

If the voters do not heed my, and millions of other’s warnings, they will be responsible for destroying our country and deliviering it into the hands of the NWO.