Sunday, October 7, 2012

Circular Logic

1. October 3rd, 2012 at 8:50 am

This is the same tactic used by the pigs when they (3 or more) have some poor bastard on the ground, tuning him up with nightsticks, boots and fists. When the poor guy tries to cover his face or other parts of his body from the beating, he is then charged with resisting arrest and assault on police officers and beaten even more severely.

This turns logic on its head but that is what they want.

If you believe the government is screwing you over, which they are, you are then a terrorist and more harsh measures of oppression must be applied. This is the circular logic of psychopaths and sociopaths that have usurped the powers of the government and the badge. Their hubris, like their lack of any conscience is undeterred except by the use of extreme and violent force used as resistance. There is no reasoning or bargaining with such sick individuals. If killing millions of individuals will accomplish their goals they will do it without hesitation.

One thing I have concluded though is that these sociopaths do have a measure of realist philosophy that slows them down If they feel they may suffer harm or destruction by attempting to attack a target that has the ability to fight back successfully. They may hesitate and even abandon their initial attack in light of the fact they are mostly cowards with self preservation their ultimate goal.

However, it would only be a temporary setback to them until such time as they could somehow scheme a way to mitigate the danger to themselves while carrying out one of their seek and destroy missions.