Wednesday, January 12, 2011

That won't work either!

The huge response to Palin's referring  to the term "Blood Feud" to the shooting attack in Tuscon
is somewhat puzzling. It has opened her up to all manner of anti-semitism  rants by know it all liberal mouth breathers that claim her remarks can only be construed as an affront to Jews. (See Washington Post 01/12/2012)

Rubbish! Just another attempt for the Obama brigades and camp followers to gain some traction for their language assault when the right wing, toxic rhetoric train was derailed.

There has much speculation regarding Sarah Palin's possible candidacy for president in 2012. Rumors have even suggested an exploratory committe has been or is forming in that regard. However this may be a fools errand.

Palin was the spokesperson for the Tea Party prior to the November elections and was an effective speaker for them.
But Sarah Palin has now  become a shill for the republican establishment party and an Israeli firster. One always has to wonder which country Israeli firsters have more allegiance to. I suppose it is the one that pays the most.

Palin unforunately is by no means packing the gear to be president. If you use GW Bush as a benchmark, maybe. This woman should content herself with running for Congress, again, maybe.

So, the question remains as to why liberals and Neo-Conservative Trotskyites are giving her so much press and air time as in the Washington Post articles festooned on it's online frontpage?
Is she a diversionary tactic so you guys, the oligarchy that runs the country,  can slip someone really offensive into the Whitehouse to finish screwing up our country? Or maybe guarantee another four years of Obama. I know Wall Street would just love another four year term of free ride from an Obama administration. Although anyone of the clowns the republican party has slated as possible candidates would fill that bill nicely also.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Change you can count on

It ought to be obvious to at least the informed few that the Republican members of Congress have a history of double-crossing the average Americans when given the opportunity. The Newt Gingrich Congress should be a fairly good indicator on how our supposed friends in that party will sell us down the river. Can you spell NAFTA, numerous gun control regulations (Brady Bill) and deregulation of the banking industry?

This bunch, even though purported to be Tea Party candidates, will be no different. Trying to distinguish them from the Obamaite Democrats will be almost impossible, especially when it comes to Obamacare. The Tea Party itself I’m sorry to say, has morphed into nothing more than shills for the establishment republicans and their party. Like the Perot organizers, The Tea Party has allowed the Republican strategists to play us like a giant Wurlitzer at a skating rink.

The Insurance industry (all you AARP members listen up) actually contributed more millions of $$$ to the republican party members to pass Obamacare than to buy all the democrat votes they thought they would need. Talk about bi-partisanship!

I have watched these scam artists from both parties pull this same bit of sleight of hand for more than thirty years on gun control, NAFTA treaties and other issues (how about the evil shit the lame duck congress pulled on us last month with the complicity of the republicans, (Unanimous consent?).

This bipartisan tactic is beginning in the usual manner. The new Majority Speaker, Boehner, will rage with righteous indignation (ala Newt Gingrich) on the latest feigned target, Obamacare. Harry Reid in the Senate will dig in his heels and swear on his mother’s grave he will fight the repeal of Obamacare to the death. But in the end they will have both been lying. Reid knows he doesn’t need to expend one ounce of effort to stop the repeal because he knows the republicans are capable of great theatrics as they have been paid handsomely by Wall Street for playing to an audience of dolts on a done deal.

But at the end of the day, after all the fake name calling and vitriol ends regarding a so called "repeal", Obamacare will have survived and with a new phony mandate and receive full funding and their blessings. Congress’ insurance and health care industry masters will have gotten their money’s worth from both of their servants, the criminal syndicate members we have elected to Congress and the White House.

And once again the American people will buy it, give up more of their freedoms and their hard earned paychecks to our masters in the corporate boardrooms and the Washington DC crime syndicate.

Enjoy the theater. You're paying for it