Monday, September 24, 2012

Clean out the Rats from our Congress. (and Whitehouse)

From the look of things, Mitt Romney is such a weak and corrupt candidate that his nomination has all but guaranteed Obama second term. This is nothing but a replay of the John McCain fiasco that they ran against Obama and the Bob Dole candidacy that put Clinton back in the Whitehouse for four more years. The presidential Election/Nomination process is rigged and so are the elections. Remember, Presidential elections are not determined by popular vote, but by electors in each individual state that comprise the Electoral College. But your Congressman is directly elected. So get over thinking the presidential election is the will of the people and that it is going to make a difference. It will not.

The Congress has willingly relinquished its power to the executive over the last few decades, illegally I might add, the executive has not been taking it (Congressional Power) from them. Congress has been a cooperative accomplice in destroying the US for profit and their own power in some sort of global government scheme. Every time I hear; well, it is a global economy I want to gag as a global economy means Global Government. However, anything that was given by the crooks in Congress can be taken back by them with the force of law if need be. That is what the Congressional impeachment process is for and the fact that the Congress is a tribunal only second to the Supreme Court, which BTW seems to have it’s own set of identity problems The Congress can try any president it deems necessary and proper and our present pretender to the Oval Office is long overdue his impeachment.

The two parties, Democrat, Republican are irreversibly corrupt and have been inbred to the point of breeding insane offspring with absolutely no difference between the two criminal syndicates. They are in league with this president regardless of what that lying piece of shit Boehner says while huffing and puffing about repealing Obamacare and snickering under his breath on how they got over on the rubes (Americans) once again. The latest vote to overturn Obamacare was pure dog and pony show intended to placate the weak minded Republican drones and piss off the Obamanite Democrat true believers in Hope and Change out in flyover country.

What is the answer you say? Well first anyone that still swears allegiance to one or the other of these two communist infested, Wall Street bought and paid for, global criminal parties is a few bricks short of a load. Haven’t these two parties screwed us Americans over enough by playing us like a giant Wurlitzer pipe organ? Worked the “good cop, bad cop” terrorists are everywhere, game on us enough already? Have they not taken away our freedoms bit by bit while telling us they are protecting us? But most of all, haven’t both of these criminal organizations killed enough of our finest young men and women in wars that the Founding Fathers warned us never to become involved in?

The leadership from both these organized crime syndicates, Boehner and Reid probably laugh their asses off at how dumb the American voter must be for them to be able to get a way with game they have been running on us for so long.

Voting everyone of these Organized Crime members in Congress out that have served more two terms is a start. We could do with a lot more of Joe the Plumber and Mike the Carpenter type lawmakers that would really represent us instead of lawyers on the payroll of Wall Street bankers and Globalist one worlders that think the nation state (in particular the United States) should be destroyed in favor of some sort of one world government run out of London, with Obama as one of the Global prime ministers and his criminal accomplices from the Chicago mob.

The Founding Fathers did not conceive this government as a (for profit) corporation. When you hear candidates for any public office spouting their extraordinary business acumen look out. All that means is they are going to make a profit alright, by extracting it from your pockets. And when they make the rules, it gives the saying "buyer beware" new meaning. Even Clinton and Gore would make reference to how we were all their "customers" when in fact were were nothing more to them than willful employees at best and servants or slaves at worst, sheep to be shorn by the mighty elite in the federal government.
When the bunch of them get together at their Council on Foreign Relations or Bilderberg confabs (and everyone in the Whitehouse and much of Congress belongs to these global crime syndicates,) to scheme up another “pearl Harbor incident” that will further their cause of global governance, they are committing High Treason as their goal(s) are to do away with every sovereign nation state on the planet and transform the world to global governance. Those of you that scoff at this had better start reading up on what these guys in our own government are about. Everyone of them to a man (or woman) is scheming to get rid of our Constitution and every other nation State's Constitution that hinders their free reign of looting and enslaving those nations.

There are suitable replacement candidates from a myriad of independent, Constitutionalist, libertarian and other parties to get rid of the criminal gridlock that the two major parties, you know, the two parties that have had control for the last hundred years and that have screwed the American people for every one of them, to replace these criminals and bought and paid for whores that have given Obama just about everything he has wanted and then some.

Republican and Democrat organized crime syndicates such as the ones in control of both Houses of Congress will make sure that it will not matter if Obama and or Romney win.

If the Congress is not replaced with real representatives of the people and not Wall Street and the European Union Bankers and communists, it will not matter a farthing whom the president is, America will be lost and we will all become impoverished slaves, except for our slave masters of course in Washington, Wall Street and London of course.

Congress has in it vested all the lawmaking power, not the president. Read Article I of our US Constitution if there are any doubts about who in government has the power in the three branches of government. And it is'nt’t the Executive. Congress has illegally and unlawfully relinquished much of its enumerated and delegated authority to the President and has allowed this executive criminal to rule by executive order, which by the way can be overturned (executive orders) by a simple majority vote of the Congress.

It stands to reason therefore, that the same Congress, with a simple majority vote, can take back all the power from a president that they have illegally relinquished to him. This president in particular believes he is some sort of African Tribal Chief and that he rules the world.

If Congress is not overhauled and this bunch of corrupt lifetime members of Congress from both criminal parties is not cashiered, the balance of power in government not restored to its rightful and legal balance; the America we grew up in will be gone forever. It barely resembles the country we grew up in now.

It is obvious the bunch of lawmakers we have had in office for decades have no stomach or the backbone and integrity to abide by the oaths of office they swore to uphold. Those bags of hundred dollar bills they get handed to the under the table are just too tempting. Get rid of them all and their stooge(s) in the Whitehouse.