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For The Good Of The Community 1/18/96

For The Good Of The Community
James S. Barber - 1/18/96

Author Martin Grossman wrote that the proponents of globalist, New World Order government, have embraced the most despicable aspects of both communism and fascism in their goal of redefining the future of America.

Over the last few decades, Americans have been subjected to government policies which purport to advance all manner of social/socialist agendas, secular humanist, multicultural, diverse society, with a level playing field (the rich contributing "their fair share of wealth and property" to the interests of the "community".) While at the same time demonstrating an increasing propensity toward police state brutality and corruption worthy of a third world banana republic.

Further evidence of Martin Grossman's assessment is confirmed in a book written by George C. Lodge, a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, and a trustee of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, as well as various United Nations sponsored groups. "Managing Globalization in the Age of Interdependence." describes and promotes the philosophy of "Communitarianism" as the only alternative to individualism that is the cause of the dilemma the world finds itself in today. Lodge writes, "Communitarianism- is characterized by equality of result or hierarchy, which may be coerced or arrived at voluntarily." You will notice the quaint, Orwellian double speak by Lodge, i.e. "voluntary coercion."

Consider the unprecedented explosion in government funded social, educational and medical programs that now comprise the largest segment of the federal budget. Not one single facet of American's lives are not somehow influenced or controlled by statist policies of our federal government. Draconian environmental controls on private land use, outcome based reeducation programs imposed upon our children, without the slightest concern of parent's objections. The destruction of religion under the guise of separation of church and state, subsidy programs that guarantee continued dependence on federal funding and even federally controlled state speed limits, coerced through blackmail of withholding federal highway funds.

The constant mantra of "change" elicited by Clinton, many in congress and the media, is suspect of the kind of change promoted by Marx and Engels, in their 1848 book, "The Communist Manifesto." For decades, these "changes" have been wrenching deviations from the role of government we had believed to be, traditionally American.

The current warfare between Clinton and freshmen republicans regarding the way in which taxpayer's money is to be spent, demonstrates the Communitarian's view on the imperial power of the presidency in a Communitarian, World Order.

Even as children, Americans were taught that the Congress has "the power of the purse" in order to check the power of the executive branch. This obviously flies in the face of the Communitarian Clinton philosophy, that demands powers the Founding Fathers never intended, and in fact warned of and prohibited Constitutionally. The president was never intended to possess or wield such power, as is now being demonstrated in the budget battle and foreign policy. His decision to deploy peacekeeping troops to Bosnia, despite the objection of Congress and the American people, must have Thomas Jefferson, spinning in their graves at six thousand revolutions per minute.

Lodge describes communitarianism as in contrast to "individualism" in which he correctly defines as a "Traditional American Philosophy." Writes Lodge, "individualism argues for voluntary consensus; the Communitarian believes that coercion--prisons and the like--may be necessary to secure it." (Communitarian American Society)

The accelerated pace in the expansion of federal law enforcement, the nationalization of state and local police, and the expanded prison construction programs that Congress, and the Clinton administration are so exuberant in implementing, would seem to mesh nicely with the advent of a communitarian America.

Lodge further explains the role of the Communitarian president and the "Lords of the New World Order," in disturbingly familiar detail regarding what has already transpired in the United States, and many other of the world's nations.

"A strong leader takes charge and defines the "Community" and it's needs. The new community harvests funds from wherever they are available, (Mena anyone ?) creates subsidized housing, secures police protection, screens members for admission, establishes standards for rights and duties for all community members, enforces these standards vigorously, expelling those who do not obey, and imposes discipline."

Is this the vision this bunch in Washington has planned for the American people? Do they presume that future generations of Americans will be sufficiently brain dead and totally dependent on government, that all individual thought can be eradicated through the reeducation of mankind?

There is good evidence that dozens, if not hundreds of federal prison/detention facilities remain vacant, while state prisons are filled to overcapacity, the majority of inmates being minor drug offenders and other petty criminals.

Lodge continues, ".....Stalin and Hitler were Communitarians as are Lee Kuan Hew, and the leaders of Japan and Israel; even, it seems to me, Bill Clinton."

In a speech given on Martin Luther King day in Atlanta, Bill Clinton compared the peacekeeping mission in Bosnia to America's crime ridden inner cities, subtly inferring that it's purpose in Bosnia (peacekeeping) was the solution to America's crime and violence problems.

One should listen to Clinton's ramblings very carefully during his many media dissertations, as he leaves subtle clues as to his future actions and mind set. He makes constant references to "The Community of Nations," and "the World Community" when referring to errant nations and the many globalist domestic programs foisted upon us, for example NAFTA and GATT, or the UN, International Rights of the Child Treaty which is presently on the docket of the US Senate for ratification.

During the last budget shutdown in December, a liberal member of congress and a spokesman for the administration both made references to "martial law" in regards to the chaos the government shutdown had caused. These remarks, although in passing, were none the less disturbing in the context of a remedy for restoring government operations. Coercion rather than consensus is apparently the mainstay of accomplishing communitarian goals. It would then seem reasonable to invoke martial law and domestic peacemaking to further the goals of an American communitarian society.

If the solution were to purge the executive of these despots in the next election, we Americans will have a difficult but attainable result. However I fear that a sizable number of the members of both houses of congress share these communitarian ambitions, as do many in the federal judiciary. Members of the judiciary are in fact partisan, political appointees. One of the most confusing aspects of the last few decades is that both republicans and democrats share common beliefs regarding many of the goals Lodge states in his book, that is Communitarian goals.

With the exception of the house freshmen, members of both parties have regularly converged on issues such as counter-terrorism legislation and expanding the hostage rescue team. Both parties took turns whitewashing the Waco investigations in the house of representatives. Liberal democrats pushed for numerous gun bans and with the help of house and senate republicans, saw them pass. Conservative republicans proposed, and with the help of democrats passed legislation expanding the federal law inforcement's ability to conduct warrantless searches, if done "in good faith." In this case, it was liberal democrats that vociferously objected to the warrantless search legislation, HR 666, aptly titled I might add, in a unique example of role switching. On too many occasions, republican and democratic leadership cut deals with the Bush and Clinton administrations, to further executive branch global agendas. The point being is that the various branches of government, legislative, executive and judicial are not divided between democrat and republican, liberal or conservative, but are divided along philosophical lines of communitarians and constitutional nationalists.

Communitarians appear to be comprised of either party and depending on the issue at hand, liberal or conservatives find common ground regarding globalist and world community issues. Conservatives for international trade and liberals for dispatching the military for humanitarian/peacekeeping missions. In the case of the Bosnian issue, there appeared to be an almost total role reversal, with republicans strongly objecting to troop deployment while the democrats were four square in favor of a dangerous intervention in the Balkans. This, heads you win tails I lose, aspect of communitarianism is the genius of the New World Order/Communitarian agenda. Voters subscribing to the conventional two party choices on election day will surely come out losers, as it is conceivable that even a party with minority status, will become part of a majority of communitarian proponents from the opposition, majority party, with the power to increase the influence of the world community over U.S.Sovereignty, regardless of party affiliation.

I will leave you with a final quote from George Lodge's book which describes quite accurately, the direction our government has taken for the last few decades.

"The role of the state in a Communitarian Society is to define community needs and to insure they are implemented, inevitably, the state takes on important tasks of coordination, priority setting, and planning."

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