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Bill and Newt's Excellent Adventure

Bill and Newt's Excellent Adventure
James S. Barber - 01/06/97

The Congressional Repertory Company and the Clinton, Not Ready for Prime Time Players have held over "Bill & Newt's Excellent Adventure for another two weeks.

Rave reviews regarding how much attention the Congressional actors have been able to divert from Clinton and his player's recent bombs and legal flops, have been heaped upon them by major media. Indeed the Republican leadership deserves the lion's share of the credit for successfully obscuring Clinton & Co's alleged complicity in criminal fund raising with ties to international gun runners and drug dealers.

Contrary to the continual reports that a wide rift exists between the Not for Prime Time Players and the Congressional Repertory Co., their combined performances in the last two weeks have not only made for great theatre but have proven that their backstage cooperation is superb, even though both Congressional players and talking head, media critics have said otherwise.

The theatrical farce portrayed both on stage and TV bears true witness as to how much these alleged antagonists can conspire together when their very futures are threatened by previous bad performances. Many of the worst players from the Congressional Repertory Co. were cashiered in 1994 because of poor performances while presenting theatrical farce. Performances that just could not measure up to Bill & Newt's low standards that we see in today's government productions.

1997 should be another banner year for both of these long time purveyors of fantasy and myth. The Congressional Repertory Co. starring the Republican NWO Leadership and the Clinton Players will be presenting many more unconvincing performances regarding their supposed adversarial relationship, while backstage they will be conspiring to bring us some really low grade theater. This in the hope of extracting that last nickel from our pockets for the price of admission, and what little freedoms we have left while marching us off across the bridge to the 21st Century.

(No matter how much things change, how amazing it is to the degree in which they stay the same from twenty years ago)

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