Monday, November 9, 2015

GMO Foods are Dangerous to Humans

Somehow the thesis of this article (GMO Foods are dangerous to humans)"Why You Can’t Separate GMOs from their Biotech Chemicals"

got sidetracked with other less important issues in the comments section that followed it. I have veered back on course.

The poisons and herbicides that we do not want poured on our food in the fields is actually a part of our food supply because of gene splicing if I'm reading this article correctly.

This goes a long way in explaining a panoply of allergies and chronic ailments that Americans have been experiencing since 1995 when this Frankenfood flooded our food supply in a big way.

Of particular note is the corn we now are exposed to called BT Corn or Biologic Toxin producing Corn. It has the gene(s) of Monsanto's herbicide/insecticide RoundUp spliced into it making the corn itself toxic to insects and weeds.

Unfortunately the Honey Bee population is also susceptible to this toxin and pollen from BT Corn is carried back to the hive explodes all of the digestive tracts of the bees and killing off the entire hive. We have lost over half our US Bee colonies in the last two decades With Monsanto and their bought and paid for stooges in the FDA and Congress claiming complete ignorance of these disastrous outcomes. It is the Honey bee coincidentally, that pollinates most all of our food crops so destroying the Honey bee destroys our food supply.

There is even a more pressing health problem with this biologic Toxin producing corn and and Soy and that is the chronic ailments afflicting the human population.

The Monsanto liars and their pals at FDA and USDA (Past employees of Monsanto) have successfully used Wheat Gluten (90% of Gluten is imported from China)as the allergen that allegedly and falsely been afflicting myself and millions of others with chronic breathing and gastro intestinal disorders that even the medical industry has been complicit in misdiagnosing and covering up for them.

The Toxins from this corn is in everything courtesy of stuff like Hi Fructose corn Syrup and corn oil that's used for cooking and dozens of other uses that contaminate our foods with the same toxins that have killed off half the honey bee population and God only knows what other life forms beneficial to man.

Asthma, COPD and even Emphysema has skyrocketed in the last twenty years as have diabetes and a host of digestive tract ailments, all seemingly without cure or even effective treatment.

After twenty years of dealing with chronic breathing problems myself that have been diagnosed as Asthma, COPD and Emphysema and whatever else that may be the disease of the day by at least a half dozen different doctors, I have still not been able to obtain an accurate diagnoses.

One thing for sure is it is allergy related as one half hour to one hour after eating a meal that contains any corn or processed corn oil or High fructose corn syrup, along with the other culprits, wheat gluten (from China), and soy which is also GM, my breathing is severely impaired and I must use an inhaler. The symptoms usually last about three to five hours and then start all over again after the next meal.

Now it is almost impossible to find food in the US that is not laced with these toxic allergens as the entire food chain is now contaminated with these Roundup laced poisons. Even meat, beef and other corn fed meat contain this allergen from being fed a steady diet of these genetically modified, insectacide producing laced corn.

It was always puzzling on how the numerous doctors I have consulted over the years always wrote off the allergen related causes for these shortness of breath afflictions and only wanted to run all manner of costly tests and then prescribe the same kind of Asthma control medicines that have been around for a half century.

In desperation and on the advice of a Pulmonologist specialist, I consulted an Allergist that administered some very expensive tests for a multitude of grain and other food allergies including corn, wheat and Soy, which all turned up negative,

According to the Allergy testing protocol. I was not allergic to any of the known grain allergens in my diet, indeed puzzling..

So back to square one., Out of desparation, I inquired weeks later as to the grains and other allergens that were subject of these testing protocols.
To my surprise, all this testing is done for non GMO grains. I was also informed that they do not test for any genetically modified potential grain allergens. How convenient.

What use are these tests? Non GMO corn, Soy and a host of other vegetables are almost non existent in today’s garden variety supermarket shelves and meat and produce counters.

There are in fact organically grown and raised equivalents but must sought out and are only available at premium prices which I now have begun to use in my diet but will take weeks to purge these toxins from my ssystem in order to evaluate their impact on these allergy induced ailments.

So if you are troubled with alleged asthma or other breathing disorders, gastro intestinal problems that started as far back as twenty years ago (genetically modified grains were introduced in 1995) you just may a victim of the food that it seems the medical profession is not very anxious to even test for.

It is much more profitable the medical industry to test for non existent allergens such as regular healthy corn and soy and not the GM variety.

And a bonanza for the Pharmaceutical giants to sell all manner of very expensive band aids to treat the symptoms (an asthma inhaler costs over three hundred dollars) for a month’s supply. The gastro intestinal medications are certainly as expensive as are the Colonoscopies that are invariably called for on a regular basis for the Celiac disease sufferers, a malady proven caused by genetically modified BT Corn. BTW, the BT stands for “Biological Toxin (producing Corn.)

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